Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Poetry Game

There are a few things I like to do to keep my writing tools sharp. I try to write every day, of course, even if it's only a blog post or making notes on a story idea.

But one of the things I really enjoy doing is playing the Poetry Game. I used to play this on (I believe). Over there, you are given a set of word tiles and your task is to create a poem using 20 or less of the tiles. I found the game recently over at (Magnetic Poetry) - you are given a bunch of tiles though there isn't a limit (that I'm aware of) that you can use.

It's fun, it keeps my thinking skills honed, and I've come up with a few little poems I love so much I'm using them as chapter headings in one of my books.

So! Your challenge for today. Head over HERE, and create a poem of your own USING 20 TILES OR LESS. Leave them in the comments :)

Here is mine for the day:

Your kiss
My sacred poison
Our secret to devour
I die to remember you
I live with one embrace

What did you come up with? :)


Matthew MacNish said...

I used to do this on our fridge, usually making offensive phrases.

Áine Tierney said...

That sounds addictive!