Monday, January 12, 2015

Live Unaware by Cole Gibsen - Cover Reveal!!

I am thrilled to be a part of the cover reveal for a very dear, amazing friend of mine, Cole Gibsen! Here's the deets on her awesome book!

Life Unaware
Release Date: 04/28/15
Entangled Teen

Book Summary:
Regan Flay has been talking about you. 

Regan Flay is on the cusp of achieving her
control-freak mother's "plan" for high school success―cheerleading,
student council, the Honor Society—until her life gets turned horribly,
horribly upside down. Every bitchy text. Every bitchy email. Every lie,
manipulation, and insult she's ever said have been printed out and taped
to all the lockers in school. 

Now Regan has gone from popular princess to total
The only person who even speaks to her is her former best
friend's hot but socially miscreant brother, Nolan Letner. Nolan thinks he
knows what Regan's going through, but whatnobody knows is that
Regan isn't really Little Miss Perfect. In fact, she's barely holding it
together under her mom's pressure. But the consequences of Regan's fall from
grace are only just beginning. Once the chain reaction starts, no one will
remain untouched... 

Especially Regan Flay.

About the Author
Cole Gibsen first realized she different when, in
high school, she was still reading comic books while the other girls were
reading fashion magazines.

It was her love of superheroes that first inspired
her to pick up a pen. Her favorite things to write about are ordinary girls who
find themselves in extraordinary situations.

Author Links:
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Friday, December 5, 2014

12 Days of Cowboy Christmas Party!

If you haven't stopped by the 12 Days of Cowboy Christmas party on FB yet, you must do so! :D Tons of fun going on, lots of great authors, and of course, amazing giveaways!! I'll be there tonight from 5-7pm EST, so be sure to stop by and say hi :)

I'll be talking about my favorite bandits, the Blood Blade Sisters. If you haven't read the books yet, here's a little taste of book one, A Bandit's Stolen Heart.

Under the persona of the bandit, Blood Blade, Cilla Richardson robs from the corrupt and gives to the poor. But an accidental kidnapping leaves her with a very handsome captive named Leo Forrester...and an idea to save her town.

On the wrong side of the feisty redhead's pistol, Leo reluctantly agrees to help Cilla's cause. But the more time he spends with the sexy thief, the more determined he is to steal her stubborn bandit's heart.

But to prove his love, he'll have to save her neck from the hangman's noose first.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Entangled Black Friday Deals!!

Entangled has over 30 books on sale for just 99 cents!! Including my own Romancing the Rum Runner. Don't miss the chance to snap up a ton of great books!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Wicked with Entangled!! It's a Halloween Blog Hop!!

It's a Wicked with Entangled Blog Hop!! Go trick or treating at over 100 fabulous blogs and enter to win a ton of amazing Halloween prizes!

I love Halloween. As a writer who lives a large chunk of my life floating around in other worlds it's a blast to be able to dress up and wallow in a little society-sanctioned make believe for a night :)

I've always loved reading about fantasy worlds. I think the first "other wordly" book I ever read was the Dragonriders of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey. Up until then I'd only read historicals and historical romances (and books like the Little House on the Prairie series and Sweet Valley High) :D Those dragonriders hooked me though and I started adding more books with a bit of "other" in them.

Once I began writing, I really wanted to delve into those worlds myself, but my first love, historical romance, came first. I have two urban fantasies I'm working on, and one, a love story set amidst a zombie break out, that is currently available through Entangled.

I've got a little taste of Wish Upon a Star for you, and below that is a rafflecopter to win your very own copy! :) Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of this post and check out the linky list of all the Blog Hoppers! You won't want to miss out on all the Halloween Hopping Fun!!

Here's a little taste of Wish Upon a Star:

She wished he would come back into her life…

When Ceri McKinley’s ex-fiancee asks for help collecting his brother’s body, Ceri knows she should refuse. But how can she say no to the man she still loves?

He wished he’d never left her…

If Jason Crickett had known his brother had been turned into the world’s first cyborg zombie, he would never have dragged Ceri along with him. At least they are together again, though from the looks of things, it won’t be for long.

They should have been careful what they wished for…

With five floors of hungry zombies between them and Ceri’s daughter and a bomb ready to go off at any moment, Ceri and Jason will have to put their painful past aside and focus on surviving. If they are very lucky, they might just get everything they wished for.

We stumbled for the far end of the atrium, over to Clearwater Cleo’s, a maze of fish tanks and water-filled walkways that displayed all sorts of gorgeous tropical fish and sea life. The oasis of water beckoned invitingly with the fire licking at our backs. Jason pulled us into the middle of one of the pathways and up a small set of stairs that led to another pathway. He sat me down against a tank of over-sized goldfish. I let out a sigh of relief as I took the weight off my ankle.

Jason pulled his gun and aimed at the tanks below us. He fired several shots into each, shattering the glass and spilling thousands of gallons of water across the floor. I felt bad for the fish that were about to be flash-fried, until I remembered that they’d be blown up when the bombs hit anyway.

The water gushed across the floor, dousing flames and washing away zombies. I leaned my head back against the tank and closed my eyes. Jason sank down beside me and pulled me toward him, pressing a kiss against my temple.

“Are you okay?” he asked, brushing soot and a few burned leaves from my face and hair. The smell of burned plastic and singed hair coated everything. But it could have been worse.

I leaned against him for a moment before trying to push to my feet.

Jason stopped me. “Rest for a minute.” He reached into my backpack and pulled out another bottle of water.

I took it gratefully, gulping down half the bottle before handing it to him to finish off. When he was done, he leaned in again, kissing a drop of water from my lips. His hands cupped my face. “I’m sorry. For everything. All of it. Everything I put you through. These wasted years without you.”

“I’m sorry too.” I pulled away and looked up at him. “If we get through this –”

“When we get through this. Not if.”

I gave him a small smile and nodded, knowing he knew what I wanted to say without having to voice the words. “When we get through this, maybe we can talk. About things.”

He gave me one more lingering kiss. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“But for now,” I said, brushing a lock of hair from his forehead.



“Let’s go get your daughter,” he said, pulling me to my feet.

My heart skipped and I slipped on my backpack with renewed energy. We could do this. With Jason at my side, I could do anything. Even face down a building full of zombies and a few military bombs. Piece of cake.

To read the first chapter for free and for buy links, CLICK HERE.

And enter to win your own copy!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 5, 2014

So You Have to Write a Poem is Here!!

At some point, every student must not only learn about different poetic forms, but try their hand at penning a few. It can be daunting, even for those who enjoy poetry.

Following the same plain language, straight forward vein of Homework Helpers: Essays and Term Papers, So You Have to Write a Poem gives novices an easy-to-read guide with step-by-step processes and fun examples while giving more advanced poets a technical guide to the rules behind all their favorite poetic forms.

This volume includes:
  • Nine forms of poetry, including chapters on ballads, blank verse, haiku, heroic couplets, limericks, the pantoum, sestinas, sonnets, and the villanelle. 
  • Overviews on poetry basics like meter and rhyme scheme. 
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand instructions and “cheat sheets” that outline the rules for each form of poetry. 
  • And a section with a detailed explanation of how to analyze a poem.
So You Have to Write a Poem is designed to not only help students get through their poetry assignments, but also shows poetic skeptics how to enjoy the act of writing poetry, and gives poetry lovers a chance to learn some classic styles.

Find it on AMAZON

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Book Birthday to Kristal Shaff and The Emissary!!

I am absolutely thrilled to help spread the word that my very dear friend Kristal Shaff's book, The Emissary, is FINALLY here!!! I absolutely loved this book and can't wait for book 2! Check it out!! Here are the deets:

For hundreds of years, dark clouds covered the skies of Adamah, and an ageless king ruled. Those who emerged with one of six extraordinary Shay powers were forced into the king's army, an un matched force with inhuman Strength, Speed, Accuracy, Perception, Empathy, and Healing. With the army at his side, the king—a man who wields all six abilities—was invincible and unquestioned in his rule.

To most, serving the king was an honor. And for some, it was a fate worse than death. When seventeen-year-old Nolan Trividar witnesses the transformation of his brother from kind to cruel after entering the king’s army, he vows never to follow the same path. So when his own power—the Shay of Accuracy—comes upon him at the Tournament of Awakening, Nolan conceals his emergence instead of joining the king’s ranks.

For years, he traitorously hides his power, pretending to be a gifted scribe. But when Nolan comes face -to-face with a deserter, the man discovers his secret. To evade detection and a death sentence, Nolan escapes with the deserter and flees into a night filled with dark creatures who steal both powers and souls.

Nolan joins a resistance, a village hidden deep in the forest, filled with others who secretly wield a Shay. But his peace is short lived when they discover that the dark clouds, the undead creatures, their own decreasing powers, and even the king, are all connected.

Amazon | B&N

She also has an awesome book tour going on, so be sure to check out all the stops for great interviews and guest posts and a chance to win a copy of her book!

My Thoughts:

I’m not usually a huge fantasy reader so I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this book, but I absolutely loved it! The Shay powers were just cool and I (being a history buff) really loved the medieval setting. The characters are what make this book truly fantastic. Nolan, the main character, decides to hide his Shay power of Accuracy so he can avoid having to serve in the evil king’s army. The journey he takes from someone who hides who and what he is to being a main force behind the rebellion against the king kept me glued to the pages. The other characters in the book are well fleshed out and an integral part of the story, not just there as filler. Alec, Megan and Emery in particular I absolutely loved. Between the magical elements, the rebellion against a psychotically evil king, the group of rebels who band together to become a family of sorts who fight and sacrifice for each other, amazing fighting scenes, truly creepy zombie-like creatures who add even more danger to the game, and even a bit of romance, this definitely goes on my “must read” list – I highly recommend!  

Monday, September 22, 2014

In Which My Cat Takes It Upon Himself To Dictate My Parenting...At 5 AM

I really do not know what is up with this cat lately. For the last month or so, he comes into my room every morning between 5:30 and 5:45 am and meows. And continues to meow until I get out of bed. If I show sign of movement, he'll go out. But if I am not completely out of bed and following him down the hall, he comes back until I am.

I don't have to be awake until 6:45-7:00 so you can imagine how I feel about this early wake up call.

The first time he did this I thought it was one of those "Timmy's in the well" moments and all those stories about cats that had woken their owners and saved them from fires or alerted them to a child in distress, etc ran through  my head. Especially since it was obvious he wanted me to follow him.

So I got up and followed. He went into my son's room and then came right back out, and then went into my daughter's room, jumped up on the bed, and laid down on her pillow (where he sleeps every night).

And that was it....

And now every morning, he does this. Wakes me up. Refuses to stop waking me up until I follow him into each child's room to do a kid check. And then he lays down and goes back to sleep. Why he thinks I need to do this an hour before my alarm goes off, I have no clue. It would be sweet if it wasn't for the whole waking-me-up-an-hour-early thing.

He IS apparently aware of when I'm actually supposed to be awake, because the last two days, when I attempted to sleep in past my usual wake time of 7:00, he came in and meowed until I got up. THAT I wouldn't mind so much since my phone does occasionally crap out on me and the alarm doesn't go off.

But that 5:45 am child check really needs to stop :-)