Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's Muse

First of all, today is the launch of my new blog, Papers, Prose and Poetry. So if you need any help on research papers, essays of any kind, or tips for writing various forms of poetry, head on over!! No worries, I make those dreary assignments as fun as I can :D

Now, since I still haven't written anything new, here are a few more of those 20 word poems that I wrote for those contests. And I am still looking for another site that does this. I've sort of come up with a version of this myself. It's not as fun, since you can't move the word tiles around, but there are still a limited amount of words from which to make up a poem. Lots of fun :D

You passed a thousand streets
Never forgetting your way
Musty memories
Childhood friends
Love always despite the years

A summertime afternoon
Children laugh
Dangling feet in the cool brook
Rocking chair creaks
Delicious prairie breeze
Love at home

no peace from the drought
nor clouds
only strife
the sun ever watching
The end of life

struggling to move
limbs like logs
eyelids heavy -
push out of the sheets
I love morning


Laura Martone said...

Thanks, Michelle, for the poetry break. The first two are poignant. The third really gloomy. And the fourth was ME this morning!

BTW, I received your package a little while ago. Oh, happy day! It WAS like Christmas come early. Books (only two of which I've read!) and pens and notepads and gum! Who could ask for more on a rainy Monday in the woods?

Just so you know, you made my day, two Mondays in a row! :-)

JStantonChandler said...

Beautiful poem as always. I LOVE the cat picture! Boy did I feel like doing that this morning :)


Regina Milton said...

That morning poem is so accurate. It is exactly how I felt this morning. well the cat picture is exactly how I felt actually. I may have missed it (in fact I'm sure I did) but what's the link for your new blog?

Michelle McLean said...

Hey Regina :) My new blog is at

J.J. Bennett said...

Lovely poem. It hits the heart and relates easily. I'll check out your new blog.

Teri said...

Lovely poems! I wish I had the patience to write poetry, I just don't! Thanks for the lovely images today!

Martha W said...

Love the poems! Also... love the Monday cat! :)

I haven't been able to visit much lately (I think I've caught Laura's busy bug)... but this is one of favorites - keep up the great job!