Monday, September 14, 2009

From the Query to the Call Release Day!!!

The awesome and incredible Elana Johnson has written an absolute must-read book, From the Query to the Call. This book is a wonderful guide for any writer on the crazy ride to publication. It takes you step-by-step, with lots of awesome examples, through everything you need to do to snag an agent, from writing your query letter to what happens when you get the all important call.

And it releases today!!! This is an ebook, available for immediate download. I believe Elana is also working on making it available for download on the iPhone and iPod Touch (which is just too cool) :D

The price is $14.95 and there are opportunities for discounts as well. Click on the picture and check out the details! There is also a link on my sidebar that will take you to the site where you can purchase the book.

Congratulations Elana!!! This is an incredible book and I wish you much very well deserved success :)

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ElanaJ said...

Thanks Michelle! You're a great friend. :)