Monday, June 1, 2009

My Music Muse

Quote of the Day:
Music is what feelings sound like. ~Anonymous

Music has always inspired me, always brought incredible scenes to my mind, kicked my creative muse into gear. I'm one of those people that will sit and listen to a beautiful song with tears running down my face (while non-musical hubby looks on in confusion and disdain), or will listen to a song over and over and over just because I don't want to stop feeling the way it's making me feel.

I suppose it makes sense then that I'd be the type of writer that makes playlists for my projects. And it got me curious as to how many other writers do this. So this is what I want to know - do you listen to music while you write? Before you write? Do you have actual playlists or just a specific song on repeat?

For my current book, I've been listening to a lot of E.S. Posthumus, specifically the songs Nala and Nineveh (which I liked so much, I'm naming a character after the title of the song) - and a song called River Flows in You by Yiruma that is so beautiful I bought the piano music (though my sorry version doesn't sound anything as wonderful as the original) :)

Apocalyptica (especially their songs, Bittersweet and Romance) and Evanescence are always major players on my soundtracks. And the Twilight soundtrack is almost on constant repeat - it's just got some great songs! Rob Dougan is another favorite of mine (wow, that man's voice makes my toes curl!) And for the more upbeat, funny scenes, I listen to just about anything...well, upbeat :) Lady Gaga is a current favorite (fun to dance to), Sweet Home Alabama is a favorite song, as well as Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa.

How about you? What songs are on your lists?


Elana Johnson said...

Um, lots. Adam Lambert, of course. I like Lady Gaga too. Kris Allen. The Jonas Brothers (don't dis 'em), Hoobastank, Plain White T's, Chris Daughtry, Barenaked Ladies, HSM soundtrack, Elliot Yamin, Paul Simon, Blake Lewis, you name it, I'll probably listen to it. :)

Scott said...

I'm totally with you on this one. The music changes depending on what I'm writing - dance, celtic, pop, strictly piano, il divo, lady gaga, pussycat dolls (sorry, love their new song - hush, hush), barbara streisand, celine, kim carnes, billy joel, indigo girls, and more.

As for songs . . .

Anastacia - Left Outside Alone (very powerful and emotional)
Ace of Base - Beautiful Life
Andrea Bocelli - just about anything of his.
Barbara Streisand - The Best Thing You Ever Did (fabulous, very powerful)
Bellatirx - I Can't Help Myself
Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero
Cirque Du Soleil - Alegria
Clannad w/Bono - In A Lifetime

Okay, I'm stopping now.

Okay, wait . . . meant to say that I've been known, like you, to listen to the same song endlessly. : )


Joyce Wolfley said...

Should I be ashamed that I've never heard of ES Posthumous. Well, I went to their sight and am loving it! I've never been one to write and listen to music, but this is FABULOUS!

Michelle McLean said...

Ooo I've got some Plain White T's songs on repeat at times :) I like a lot of the people on your list too, though they tend to be in my more upbeat chapters :)

And Scott - love Clannad and Andrea Bocelli!! I've got an album of his I listen to over and over. I really love his duet with Sarah Brightman Time to Say, gorgeous! And I'll have to check out some of the others on your list :D

Andrea Cremer said...

I always write with music, and drive around listening to music to get inspired for new scenes, character moods etc.

Like Scott the type of music changes by the project. For current WIP it's Bat for Lashes, Eels, Iron & Wine, NIN, Sparklehorse, Ulrich Schnauss, Dntel, The Go Find, The Notwist, Album Leaf, New Pornographers, Flowers and Machines, Tarwater

Michelle McLean said...

Joyce, aren't they incredible!! Every time I hear them I just want to write :)

And adrcremer - I think I have only heard of one of those groups LOL but definitely going to check the rest out!

Windy said...

Love this post topic! I'm all over the place, myself. Evanescence, a must. Along with Michelle Branch, Rascal Flatts, Tyler Hilton, Kate Voegele, Jin, Vanessa Carlton, Taylor Swift, Santana, U2, Michael Buble, Justin Timberlake, The Fray. I try to be open-minded about this sorta stuff, so I'm willing to give anything a chance.
You never know where inspiration will come from.

Jackee said...

Hi, Michelle! I love your blog (although this is my first comment).

I'm currently working on a Beatles' themed book. So needless to say, my playlist is so obsessive that there's a scene attached to at least one song throughout the whole WIP.

Gotta love The Beatles, their music applies to everything!

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I LOVE music to inspire me! Sometimes I think better without it though. If I'm editing, no music. Writing, I crank it up!

Abby Annis said...

Evanescence is at the top of my playlist. I love The Open Door CD. Had that on repeat for a while, and it usually cures any writers block.

And Nickelback, Bush, Pink Floyd, Plain White T's, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Portishead, Jewel, with a sprinkling of 80's hair bands. :) There's more, but this is getting kind of long.

I'm also guilty of listening to the same song over and over until everyone around me is sick of it.

Yamile said...

I play my blog's music widget over and over. So many wonderful stories and characters have come to life through music! I love Coldplay, DEpeche Mode, Keane, and all the English groups, including Muse. And Puerto Rican Reaggeaton and my secret lover: Ricky Martin...