Monday, June 22, 2009

Creative Short- Riding the Waves

Quote of the Day:
Truth is funnier than most things you can make up.
~Margo Kaufman

A couple months ago, some friends and I decided it would be fun to do an occasional creative writing prompt. Someone would chose a topic, and whoever was interested could post a little short story or creative post utilizing that topic. The fabulous Christine chose our creative writing prompt for the month, and the image she chose was WAVES.

Now, this is nowhere near as cool as Christine's or Kate's (who also played this month) but since I am also working on a few projects, and since I needed a funny little heroic couplet poem to go with a certain project, I decided to combine the two. So here is a heroic couplet poem that contains waves.


The surfer dude began to wax his board,
And to his leg he firmly strapped the cord.
The waves were awesome, pounding on the shore.
He felt each wave wash through his very core.
The water splashed against his hairy legs,
“Just give me one good wave,” the surfer begs.
He paddled out into the salty sea,
To feel at one with nature’s harmony.
When he found surfers waiting for the show,
The dude said, “Bra, I think that you should go.”
With pasty skin and matted hairy chests,
He knew the dudes were horrible at best.
Their lameness was soon proved when big waves rolled.
They lost their boards and shivered with the cold.
So to the shore they went without a fight,
And left the dude to surf away the night.
The surfer dude is awesome as you know,
From bleached blond hair, to sand encrusted toe.
And so, my friends, please heed the tale I tell,
Don’t mess with dudes who ride the biggest swell.


Anonymous said... it!!! Thanks for playing this round :D

Kristal Shaff said...


Cute poem. hehe

Rebecca Knight said...

"From bleach blonde hair to sand-encrusted toe" really sealed the deal for me. Love it! :D

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Aw - that is GREAT! This was the best:

The dude said, “Bra, I think that you should go.”

cleemckenzie said...

Great fun. I'll have to catch the next Creative Short.