Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's try this again

All right, I have tried starting blogs numerous times, and for some reason I post really well for weeks on end...and then totally forget about the poor things. So, I'm going to try this again and see if I can stick with it this time :)

Unfortunately for anyone who reads this, my life is not all that amusing. Oh, weird things tend to happen to me on a regular basis, and the voices in my head and I have a grand ol' time on most occassions, but for the rest, I'll try to make it sound interesting for you :)

This morning I got a phone call from my mother, a wonderful woman who gets more scatterbrained by the hour. Having a phone conversation with her usually consists of whoever is on the line holding while she yells at the dog, cat or computer, or carries on a conversation with whomever else happens to be in the room at the time. Love her to death, but it's hard to keep her focused :) She called this morning to let me know that my father was going in for surgery today. She had forgotten to tell everyone. In fact I need to go call all my siblings and make sure they know.

Same thing happened when my grandmother died. She forgot to call and tell me, so when my cousin's wife called and asked about funeral arrangements I convinced her that my grandmother had actually NOT died, and then called my grandfather and...well you can imagine how that conversation went. Okay, my mom was busy and distraught that day, so I forgave her for that one, but you see the pattern. Unfortunately, I am my mother's daughter and am just as bad as her, so I've made myself a note so I remember to make sure to call and check on my poor father tonight.

*sigh* How we've managed to make it through life this long, I'll never know.