Monday, July 12, 2010

A Postponment and Some Mondayness

Due to some uncontrollable events, we are going to postpone our Author Spotlight Week with the awesome Shaun David Hutchinson while he recuperates from some unexpected events. But, I urge any and all of you to head out and get his book, The Deathday Letter without delay! I loved this book, read it in a day, laughed, cried, and laughed some more. Serious excellence :D You can find links to buy it in my Must Read Books tab above. Please stay tuned for our spotlight week with Shaun. We will be discussing his book and even giving away a signed copy!

So, for this week we will stick to our regularly scheduled program :)

Hope all is well with everyone and hope you are all busily writing away! I'm working on it, to varying degrees of success LOL But, I figure as long as I'm getting SOMETHING down, I can give myself a pat or two on the back :)

Real life stuff getting in the way right now:

No air conditioning - hard to type when your fingers are dripping sweat. No joke.
Middle finger on left hand non-functioning - not sure what is going on with it, though I have discovered I'm pretty good at typing even though I can barely move my fingers on my left hand. Gotta love a silver lining ;-)
Kids are hot and bored and hot - but, the youngest starts summer school this week (she has a speech delay so this is just to get her up to speed before she dives into kindergarten, and she's super excited!) and we got our little pool up which my son now lives in; so this week may go better.

Goal for this week - get some writing done no matter what awesome excuses I may have! I will type one handed sitting on a block of ice if I have to!! :)

So, how is life and writing going for everyone else? I hope you are being more productive than I am ;D


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sucks to be without AC - hope it's up and running soon!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Fortunately we only get a few hot days, so AC isn't essential. But there are certainly days when I would appreciate it.

My writing's going well. I got some brilliant feedback on my wip the other day, so I'm busy editing and adding a few new scenes. I'm hoping to query it soon--after the final set of beta readers read it. Now it's about finding time to work on it. Let's say there's a lot of bribing kids involved. ;)

JEM said...

I guess I won't tell you, then, that my boss keeps the office so cold I have to use a space heater. In Texas.

I'm hopping back on the writing train after a week or two's absence due to crazy work schedules and holidays. Feels good to be back in the groove!

Jemi Fraser said...

It's hot here too. Blech.

I thought I'd get so much more done this week, but life does get in the way - at least it's all fun :)

Michelle McLean said...

The very sweet Laura Diamond left me a comment but I tried to publish it on my phone and my big ol' fingers hit reject instead *blushes in massive embarrassment* So! Here is what she wrote :) Thanks Laura!!

Good luck with the words. I hope your hand heals and you get some cool weather!

Carolyn V. said...

No air conditioning?! NOOOO! Oh Michelle, I hope you achieve your goals, even with sweaty fingers. It's so hot here. I hope your AC starts soon!

Kat Harris said...

Overused and overstressed digital tissue (finger muscles)need Gatorade too. :-)