Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off to the Editor

Monday was a momentous day in the McLean household. My very first soon-to-be-published book was packed up and sent on its way to my editor. I thought you might like to know how the whole "getting the manuscript ready for publication" process least for Non-fiction (in my short experience, in any case).

First of all, after my agent had worked her magic, my contract arrived in the mail. I had a very big SQUEE moment (which repeats every so often as I realize how real this whole thing actually is) :D

Along with my signed contract came a welcome packet from my publisher. This included a welcome letter, an author questionnaire, and information letters from the marketing, production, foreign rights, and editorial departments, with a contact sheet for everyone in the company I may need to get a hold of.

The author questionnaire is a big packet of questions about my book, my intended market, and little old me. I got to write the blurb for the book, a bio for me, some interview questions should anyone need to refer to them, and there were spots for things like publications/companies/reviewers I felt should be made aware of my book, any endorsements I may have received, and any avenues I might have access to (such as radio/tv interviews, conventions or conferences I might be speaking at, that sort of thing).

Basically, they wanted to know about me, my book, and how I might be able to help market my book.

Then, I got down to some serious editing. Before signing the contract, my publisher had mentioned a few changes and additions they wanted made to the manuscript and we agreed upon a deadline for the final manuscript to be sent in. (I am very happy to report that my manuscript is complete early - woohooo!)

So I set about getting my lovely little book all ready. And last week, it happened. The final "i" was dotted, the final "t" was crossed - I had printed the book out, let it sit, and gone through it again, slowly, with a red marker, and made it as good (not perfect, because that will never happen *snort*) as I could get it.

I printed out a nice, clean, and oh-so-pretty copy for my editor's shredding pleasure. Also, I sent a CD that contains each of my chapters and material as separate files. And she's all ready to go:

Once my editor goes through it, I'll get edits. From what I've heard from my writer buddies' experience, these usually appear in the form of a letter (and I suppose the edits necessary will dictate the length of that letter LOL) Another deadline will be set for the new revisions to be completed by, and then, once my manuscript has been approved by everyone, it will go to production.

I'm actually sort of surprised by how quickly the last half of this will take place. My book will be released in Jan. Which means, it will be printed by Dec (at the latest, I am assuming, since my publisher will ship the book to stores 2 weeks before its actual release). My deadline for this first round isn't until Sept 1 (so I'm a month early). Which means, any other revisions necessary will take place between Sept and Nov....which doesn't seem like much time *eep!*  Here's hoping they won't need many changes :D

Anyhow, that is my pre-production experience up to this point. Really, I just wanted to show you the oh so pretty picture of my manuscript LOL I just *heart* it :D

How is everyone's projects going? I am having a blast focusing on fiction again. Juggling two novels and fielding my family's "but I thought you just finished" comments.....poor little darlings.....stuck with a writer as a wife and mom. I think I'll go get them some chocolate :D


Jared Larson said...

Awesome! Very exciting. Congratulations Michelle.

Matthew Rush said...

Man this is so exciting! Thanks so much for this up close peek into the process Michelle.

Eric said...

Thank you for showing us the process you're going through. It's both cool and daunting. Some of the stuff you're having to come up with would scare me silly. Anyway, congrats and please keep the posts like this coming. They are awesome.

Janet Johnson said...

I loved reading about the full process. So exciting! I'm giddy for you. :)

Liza said...


Cole Gibsen said...

SQUEE! So excited for you!!

Jan Markley said...

Congrats! It looks shiny!

Clarissa Draper said...

Wow, that's really cool. Thanks for taking us through that.


Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo!!! I'm so excited for you Michelle! Whoop! That is just so cool! =D

Little Ms J said...

Wow, this is really exciting. I love your spirit and the picture! Congrats!

Sara Louise said...

This is really exciting!!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points but it is that exciting!!

Zoe C. Courtman said...

What an exciting time!! Congrats on achieving such a milestone!