Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

Things are coming along...slowly but surely. I am actually enjoying the writing in the notebook thing, although it gets a little painful sometimes because the pen doesn't keep up with my thoughts quite as fast as my fingers on a keyboard do. But, with the notebook, I can scribble off a sentence or two whenever I get a chance, so I am making more progress than when I try and find a whole chunk of time to get something down.

I've only been getting about a page or so a day done, but it's a page more than I had so I am very pleased :) I also am collecting quite a few pages of notes and various lines and sentences that will be stuck in throughout the book at some point. And I am loving my pretty blue gel pens....very fun :D

Oh, and I also got some more research done on my non fiction book. I've found more poems that fit what I need than I thought I would, so I'm going to take the book in a slightly different direction. But I'm very happy with the new ideas and might finally start some actual writing soon :)


ElanaJ said...

Blue gel pen? Nice. Very Nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Progress is progress....great job!!!