Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reading List Update and a Meme :)

The update this week is really quick as I only had time to read one wait! Just kidding - two books :D

13. Frostbite by Richelle Mead

14. Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

These are books 2 and 3 in the Vampire Academy series and I highly enjoyed both of them.

Next up are Hunted by P.C. and Kristin Cast (book 5 in the House of Night series) and The Hollow, soon to be published by Jessica Verday (and I am so flippin excited about this fact, I will be rushing through this post so I can go read it!) :D

Now to the meme....I had no idea what this meant until I read Elana's post on the subject....and even now the only thing my brain is focused on is the fact I must share seven things about myself and meme five other people. Emily over at Lefty in my Write Mind (and yes Elana, that is seriously an awesome blog title!!) memed me, so here you go Em!!

1. Linking to Elana on this one....It took four universities or colleges before I got my bachelor's. I started out with a year in Hawaii (my mom made me come home for the summer and I never went back...I still haven't forgiven her - that year was AWESOME!), then I took a little time off (didn't mean to, but hey, things happen) - then I went to a community college in TN and finished up my generals....then on to a university in TN....then I met my husband, and left TN for Utah to get married (one semester before graduation...I don't know what I was thinking!! Must have been in love or something) ;-) Soooo, I finally graduated with a BS in History from Weber State University in 2001...7 years after starting college....I just stuck to one school for my Masters degree - although I did my courses online through a university in CA while living in WY and UT :D Now how is that for complicated :D

2. Also linking to Elana - I have one son and one daughter; they are both the light of my life and the cause of my insanity....I love them more than I could even begin to express; I can't imagine my life without them and I wouldn't (mostly) want to.....but oh, I am so thankful at the end of the day when I can gaze upon their angelic, SLEEPING faces :D

3. My husband is 10 years older than I. He is also the baby of his family while I am the oldest. This has created some interesting family dynamics. For instance, my mother-in-law is the same age as my grandmother. I have a brother-in-law who is older than my father. My nieces and nephews on my husband's side are my nephew Clint is only 2 days younger than I am (and a couple of them are older) - this also means that my children are the same age as their children, so my mother-in-law often gets the grandchildren and great-grandchildren mixed up. And, my stepson is the same age as my youngest brother. Oh, and my father's youngest brother is the same age as my husband, so it's a little weird for my parents too :D

4. I have a weird and irrational fear of spiders. I won't even look at a picture of one. I even hate those fake, plastic ones - and get seriously ticked off if you try to tease me with one (I have noticed that I often channel my fear into anger...more on this in a sec)

This fear plays out in two different ways, depending on the size of the spider. If it is relatively small, my fear of it makes me so angry that I grab the nearest hard object and pummel it to death until there is nothing left of all....however, if there is any size to it whatsoever (especially in the body region - I don't like the legs, but I can handle a tiny body and long legs) - then I am paralyzed with fear. I'd kill them if they came after me or the kids....but usually I will call my husband or whoever is handy (I had my landlady come over to kill a few for me before). There was one on my doorbell once...I didn't see it until I went back in the house from being outside. After seeing it, I was trapped in my house until a neighbor came to visit - she very sweetly took off her shoe and squashed him :D

5. I like bananas, but I don't like anything banana flavored. I don't know why.

6. I am severely addicted to gets in the way of everything. If I am in the middle of a really good book, I will let the house fall down around my ears until I finish it. Luckily, I read really fast, so a 300 page book will only take me a day.

7. I can bake but not cook. This one also confuses me...I mean, a recipe is a recipe, right? But for some reason, regular dishes just don't turn out all that great, but cookies, cakes, brownies, etc....oh yeah, yumfest :D Of course, maybe that is because I pour all the love into the baking :D

Okay, there you go, seven things about me :) Hmmm, not sure who to tag back, so I'll think on it for a bit.


ElanaJ said...

I love your meme! And, dude, do you have THE HOLLOW in your possession? Maybe I can take a day off work and drive to your house...nah, I'll get it soon enough! Cool beans!!

emilymurdoch said...

Hooray on your Meme! : )

Loved your Meme. I, too, didn't know what "meme" meant until I, errr, I mean, Elana (lol!), looked it up.

I, too, am freaked out by spiders. Gave me the shudders just thinking about it. It's logical, then, to assume you wouldn't like the tarantulas we have here, winks?

I have #three in common with you. My husband is 14 yrs older than me. But, the older you get, the less the difference. Sort of like when you were a kid and having a sister or brother a year or two older than you seemed like such a large gap, and then, you grow up, and, not so much. : )

I wish I had more time to read! I envy you there.