Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

Okay, well, this week I focused on my non fiction WiP...more because I can work on it while my kids are buzzing around than because I really wanted to :) But I did go through two massively huge poetry books, combing through them for any hint of heroic couplets....I found a total of 20 heroic couplet poems....out of a hundred or so poets (I didn't take the time to count, but there were two books over a thousand pages, a lot of poets) :D Now, that isn't very many poems...especially because I probably won't be able to use all of them.

Heroic couplets are good people! Why won't anyone use them anymore? *le sigh*

On the fiction front, I've got bubkiss (is that how you spell that?) I do have a really good scene floating through my head that I will madly scrabble down sometime tonight. I have no idea how it will fit in with my storyline, but when your MC is writhing on the floor in excuriating pain while her friends stand around looking at her...I gotta fit it in somewhere :D

I also think I'm going to try writing by hand a try again. Elana seems to be enjoying it :) Perhaps my problem is I'm trying to write in those large notebooks you'd take to class for notes...or maybe I'm using the wrong color ink. Perhaps composition books and blue pens will make all the difference ;-)

In any case, once again I will make the resolution to work harder and accomplish more :) In my defense, several very awesome books came my way this week (I will post about those tomorrow in my reading list update). So, the vast majority of my spare time was spent devouring other people's work....not a bad way to spend my time actually :D


Christine Fonseca said...

Hey - devouring other peoples work is a great way to ignite your own muse....It'll come when it comes, yanno!!!

ElanaJ said...

Dude, I'll make you a notebook. I have notebooks with pink paper, purple, cream or green. No joke. Mine have all been that lame green because I just found the super cutest ones with pink and purple paper at Office Max. (BTW, that place is dangerous. Stay away.) I think I owe you something handmade anyway...yeah, I better get on that!

I label the front of my notebooks with the initials of my title. So right now they both say "LA" for Living Assistants. Then I have one that says NOTES.

Everyone deserves and needs a pink-papered notebook to write it. It's almost criminal NOT to have one.

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

I definitely think writing by hand is a good way to go. Don't know what to tell you about the notebook. Just use what makes you comfortable. My WIP post is here

celticqueen said...

Robin - sooo jealous of your word count! I better get my butt moving so I've got something more exciting to post next week :D

Christine - yes, devouring other people's work often prods my own a bit :) And it is my favorite way to relax :)

And Elana - wahoo!!! my own, decorated pink papered notebook? I definitely won't be able to resist writing in that :D