Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Writing...

is hard LOL My adorable little kidlets are home and wanting attention (one more than the other) which means writing falls by the wayside more often than I'd like. In an effort to get a few more words in, I've started writing my new book by hand - something that worked very well for me on the first draft of my last book but for some reason isn't working so well this time around. But I will keep hauling that poor little notebook of mine every place I go, just in case :)

How are summers for you? Is it easier to get writing time in or harder?

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Stephanie McGee said...

It used to be easier. Before I discovered that streaming thing that starts with N. In the summer there isn't as much on television as the rest of the year so in theory it's easier for me. But then this wonderful thing called summer series that the other networks started doing appeared and then that N word. Yeah.