Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silly Saturday

since we didn't do Friday Funnies yesterday :D


Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Sunday! I saw your smiling face when I posted my halfway return to blogging. It was lovely to see you again!

What a fun post. My way! That is the one that got me!!

I just read your post of June 19. Yes, summer with children. Difficult to get any writing in. Growing up (with only a typewriter) I was able to write in longhand but can't do much of that anymore. I am, however, relaxing more with a print book than I have been lately since I'm addicted to my iPad and do love reading on it. But it's restful to the eyes to read print. And sometimes trying longhand. But hauling a notebook around IS a good plan. Easy to jot ideas that way - a paragraph or do, whatever. GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Oops, Michelle. When I said I saw your smiling face on my blog, I was thinking of another Michelle. But the rest of the post stands. You can delete the first part if you wish to publish it, because that's all true! Sorry about that. Chalk it up to advancing age (I turned 72 in May! LOL)