Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Name Changer

Okay - I saw this article today over on Smart Bitches Trashy Books and honestly I don't even know what to say. In a nut shell, there are some self-pubbed and indie authors using the names of very successful authors (plus one initial) as their pen name in order to up their sales. In this instance, Nora A. Roberts and James A. Patterson.

I just don't get this. I mean I get why they are doing it. But...I dunno.

When I was considering using a pen name, the very first thing I did was start googling. I wanted to use my maiden name, Michelle Marquis. But that name was already being used by another author as her pen name. So I kept looking even though I probably would have been totally justified in using that name as it is actually MY name.

I tried Michelle Morrell (my first and middle names). There is an artist by that name who has a website that pops up. Not an author so it probably would have been fine. However, I wanted a name that I could purchase the domain for and that one was taken.

I kept going with possibilities until I found one that worked. And then I decided to stick with my own name anyway  :D

The real Nora Roberts is understandably peeved. Yet the people behind this strategy don't think there is anything wrong with doing what they are doing.



SA Larsenッ said...

Really? 'K, call me naive. When I was questioning what name I wanted to use, I did what you did. I googled my real name. Great. There's an artist our there with my exact name, even my middle name. And she has a site, blah... I thought about my maiden name. I've pretty much decided on two first initials and last name.

Michelle McLean said...

Yeah, most writers I know go out of their way to make sure they AREN'T using the same name as another writer.

Donna Hosie said...

OMG, doing that wouldn't even enter my head. I want respect as a writer, not short term gain.

Em-Musing said...

I'd question the quality of the book if the quality of the author is sleazy. Don't know who they think they're fooling, except themselves.

B.E. Sanderson said...

That just blows my mind. Ugh.

I've thought about using a pen name - especially since Brandon Sanderson (no relation) hit it big after I started writing. But then I was like 'meh'. I am who I am. Sure, I use my initials online, but it's still me. And I could always use my maiden name if it came to that.