Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Go WOW...and Grab a Pen

Okay, bear with me through the fangirl gushing for a paragraph or two - I promise there is writing related stuff coming :D

Has anyone seen that Sherlock series on PBS (or BBC depending on what side of the pond you live :) It comes on right after Downton Abbey)? Like Downton Abbey, I resisted watching it despite glowing reviews from my friends. And like Downton Abbey, once I saw one episode I was completely hooked and found a way to watch ALL the episodes, seasons 1 and 2. And I'm completely bummed I have to wait until next year (most likely) for season 3.

The show is, simply put, brilliant. There are so many twists and turns - and not just regular twists and turns, but COOL twists and turns. The situations are serious, the dialogue is awesome, and the characters make me laugh and sometimes cry. 

When I watch something like this, I sometimes sit back and just think, "Man! I wish I could write like that!" It makes me want to pull out my WIPs and rewrite them, or add to them, or just amp them up in a million different ways. It makes me think harder about the twists I put in my own stories. It makes me try harder to be more original, to surprise my readers more, to make them care more about my characters.

The hubs will sometimes ask me why I'm watching shows like this instead of writing. I do it because of all the reasons above. Sure, it's an enjoyable way to procrastinate :) But it's also a wonderful inspiration and motivation to make my own writing BETTER.

Have you ever watched anything that just made you think - Oooo that makes me want to be BETTER?


Shaun Hutchinson said...

For me, TV is one of the best places to learn about writing. The first two seasons of the UK Skins is so wonderfully real for YA. The new show The River has some of the tightest pacing I've seen on a television pilot in forever.

And Sherlock was AMAZING. Though it might be longer than a year before you get season 3 sadly. All the people involved in the show are super busy. The creator, Steven Moffat, is also the Doctor Who showrunner. Martin Freeman (Watson) is the new Bilbo Baggins, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock and winner of the actor with the coolest name ever) is also in the Hobbit, and he's just been cast as one of the villains in the next Star Trek movie among other things.

Stephanie McGee said...

I'm a visual learner so watching tv shows and movies is one of my go-to classrooms for writing. Especially if I can watch an entire season of a show back to back.

I may have to search out the updated Sherlock...

Matthew MacNish said...

My goodness this sounds good. But do I have time for One More Thing? No, probably not, alas.

L.C. said...

Ooo, my friend recommended this show to me, too. I absolutely *must* see it now.

Thanks for the post! I definitely got that feeling with the first season of Downton Abbey--the teennnnsssiiiooonnn. Agh. It was beautiful.