Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Mystery Agent at Operation Awesome!

Another Operation Awesome Mystery Agent contest is in just a few days! (We are still awaiting the results from Feb's contest. No worries; we'll post them as soon as we get them!)

For now, here are the genres our March Mystery Agent is looking for:

YA contemporary/realistic fiction YA sci-fi or light fantasy (nothing "epic")
Adult literary fiction Magical realism (YA or adult)
Dark mystery (psychological or ghostly--nothing with an "amateur sleuth" or cozy mystery)
Literary horror (YA or adult)

And these are projects the Mystery Agent isn't looking for:

Paranormal romance
Picture books/children's books
Genre romance

Anything not specified in the Not Looking For is fine, though. And remember: the prize is a full manuscript request, so yeah, I'd enter this baby if I were you. Make sure you come back on Thursday, March 1st for the contest!

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