Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally, Inspiration Strikes! But...

I've been having a lot of epiphanies lately about several of my projects. Major, breakthrough epiphanies. Things I have been stuck on for MONTHS. Problems I haven't known how to fix. Plot holes that were so deep I thought there was no fixing them. And then, all of a sudden, for no logical reason at all, I've had these strokes of super-insight and BAM! Inspiration strikes. I've got answers to questions I didn't know I had. Motivations I didn't know I needed. New directions I didn't know I wanted to take. And a few fixes I knew I needed to boot :)

I'm thrilled. Elated. Over the flipping moon excited to implement these changes.

One problem....

None of these epiphanies apply to my current project :D Because of all the stucky-suckiness I've been experiencing regarding my current novel-in-progress, I put it aside for awhile and decided to work on a short story I've been wanting to write. And I've been editing (again and again) the picture book I'm working on with the amazing Lisa Amowitz (who is running an AWESOME contest on her blog today. Head over!)

I am about 2 scenes from finishing the short story (life got in the way for a few days. Hopefully we are back on track today). Yet, instead of finishing the dang thing, I'm having creative bursts of literary awesomeness for a book I haven't touched in months.

Honestly, I think I have issues with finishing projects and I'm starting to think this is my brain's way of preventing me from finishing yet another one.

"Oooo almost done with that story, are you? Well take THIS *throws inspiration mojo for another book* Mwahahahaha!"

Well, crazy little mixed up brain. Joke's on you. I've taken lots of notes. I'm going to finish this short story THIS WEEK and then....then, I'm diving head first into that poor, neglected WIP of mine and finishing THAT too. Thanks for the motivation. Sincerely, Me :)

Do you ever have this happen? Get sudden inspiration for one project while working on another one? What do you do? Do you abandon one for the other, or finish Project B before going back to Project A?

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Patti said...

This happens all the time. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever come to the end.