Monday, June 20, 2011

Occupational Hazards Part Deux

There are so many quirky little things that go along with being a writer. Here are a few I discovered this weekend:
  • Your neighbors aren't sure who you are and ask your husband who that lady is they occasionally see by the mailbox. He has to explain that you are an author so you don't get out much.
  • Every aspect of your life takes a little trip through your head - like when you really need to talk to someone but can't right away so you have a complete conversation with them in your head before you actually talk to them (and sometimes you decide not to talk to them at all because the internal version didn't turn out so well)
  • Your mother gives you cleaning tips, like "when you are walking around your house and you see something out of place, just pick it up and your house will stay clean." This is bad for two reasons - 1. your house is so messy your mother feels the need to give you cleaning tips and 2. You have to inform your mother that that tactic just won't work for you because you never actually leave your computer desk long enough to take a walk through your house. On the plus side, your mother has never laughed so hard in her life, so at least you made someone smile :D
What are some occupational hazards you've run into as a writer? :)


Charissa Weaks said...

Too funny. Since my kids have been home for the summer they get to see how my day goes: I sit, affixed to my computer, ALL day. And I'm happy doing it. They are baffled that this is 'what I do'. :)

Mark Noce said...

Lol! Those first two points are particularly hilarious, and yes, I've had similar experiences:) But yes, all part of the trade I suppose, fin :)

Vicki Rocho said...

OMG! My mom used to give me the same advice about cleaning! Looking a my living room, I'm thinking I didn't listen very well.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I think I got the same advice from my mom, but it was years ago. Eventually she gave up on me being tidy.

My occupational hazard: When anyone is giving out free pens, I take one. Which is why right now, I have a full pen holder, a pile of pens on my desk, and another pile on the table. And I still only use the one you sent me. (It writes awesome, btw.) You can never have too many pens. Right?