Friday, January 7, 2011

MAJOR Puzzle Hints and New Blog Features

Okay, this was supposed to go up at 7 this morning...but apparently it was saved as a draft instead of a scheduled post even though I hit Publish. Curse you blogger!!!

Anyhow...I promised you huge hints for the Game Two you go :D

The answer to number 1 is - resources

The three things I'm looking for, the three things that will help make writing an essay or paper easier are the answers to numbers 3 (starts with an "L"), 4 (which starts with an "o"), and 9 (starts with an "n").

Now go fill out the form! :D Contest ends tonight! (Click here for post that has the form)

So, seeing as how it's a new year, I'm going to add a few new features to the 'ol blog. Bring a bit of helpful substance back to the fun :) Tutor Tuesdays and Tip Thursdays will start up beginning next week. I'll share as many helpful hints, tips, secrets, and what have you, that I've learned over the years. And Thursdays I'll try and help out with some non-fiction goodness :) And of course, Fridays will be for our Funnies :)

This year is already off to a great start! I hope I can spread a few smiles and a little help along the way :)


Matthew Rush said...

This is why I write the posts the morning of, off the top of my head (usually). I'm not saying it's better, in fact I'm pretty sure it's not.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Blogger does that sometimes to me. I always triple check now to make sure it's scheduled.

Cinette said...

Just stopping by to say have a great New Year and hope it's kind and generous to you! good luck on your new blogging schedule.

Andrea Franco-Cook said...

Your blogging schedule is interesting. I'll be sure to stop by and take a gander. Happy New Year.