Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Chain - From Where Do The Words Flow?

This round's topic was chosen by the ever awesome Bonny. Be sure to check out Laura's response from yesterday and Shaun's answer tomorrow.

Bonny asked:

Is there a place you like to write that's extra special? Have you carved out a writing niche? Is there a certain time of day (or night) when the words fall into place, and your brain is focused on nothing but writing?

To answer this question, I'll take you on a visual tour ;-) First stop, the place where I almost always spin my tales. This is my desk:

  Yes, it's messy, cluttered, surrounded by more mess and clutter - but it's my home within a home :) Although, with the arrival of my wonderful, darling laptop, I can often be found here:

As you can tell by the way my son is sprawled out fast asleep, this couch is ridiculously comfy. One of those where you sit down and sink right in. My laptop is on a little tray in the picture, but when I'm writing here, it's usually on my lap, supported by a pillow or something.

Now, these two spots are really my faves, however, with the arrival of a stinking hot and horribly humid summer (that my previously desert-bound body just isn't used to), I am more often than not found here:

This chair is uber-comfortable and more importantly, located right beneath a very powerful ceiling fan. This combo makes me happy :D

As for writing times, it's a toss up sometimes. I used to be the most productive at night - LATE at night. Now I seem to do better in the early morning. Both times have something crucial in common - the absence of my loving family :D Be it late night or the crack of dawn, as long as my little ones are slumbering deeply I can write to my heart's content. 

When they are awake, I try the "Look, a shiny!" trick - this generally takes the form of a new or favorite DVD and a few junk food bribes. Hey, we writer mommies gotta break a rule or two if we are going to get anything done (no worries...I make sure to read them lots of stories and brush their teeth for twice as long) :D
For inspiration - almost always, I get my best ideas, break through the worst writer's block, and solve the most troubling problems, right here: 

The shower is also a great spot for unexpected ideas to crop up, but I'll spare you the pic of that :D Now, why the horrid act of washing dishes spurs my creativity, I'm not really sure. I detest doing dishes with a capital D, yet something about the mind-numbingly boring task triggers my best stuff. I think it has something to do with the warm water and the fact that it takes no brain power whatsoever. I'm also usually listening to music, which is always a huge inspiration. 

And, miracle of miracles, the second I start doing dishes, everyone else in the house tends to disappear. Go figure ;-) Or, maybe it is because I hate doing this particular chore so much that I must go to my happy place to escape it :D Whatever the reason, I won't question it too closely :)

So, there you have it. Late nights or early mornings, at my desk or cuddled on the couch, writing words that were inspired by a sink of dirty dishes :) How's that for magical :D 

How about you? What are your favorite times and places?

(Update: Holy cow! While looking through quotes for Thursday, I came across this: The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes. ~Agatha Christie. Wow - now I'm feeling better about the dishes thing!) :D


Carolyn V. said...

I usually do my best writing in the morning at my table. But I sneak in as many minutes as I can. =)

nomadshan said...

Great tour! :) I've heard that warm or moving water works for a lot of folks -- showering, swimming, etc.

Off-topic: we have the same quarter-round shelves over our kitchen sink - - you don't see those very often.

Christine Fonseca said...

Ooohh...I love your virtual tour! Maybe I'll do a vlog tour of my fav writing places...Hmmm...much stewage needed.

Cole Gibsen said...

I used to do all of my writing at the kitchen table - but dang it all if the kitchen isn't where I keep all the FOOD. So, yeah, that became a real problem. ;)

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I too have to sneak my writing in when my child's napping or when I'm on my lunch hour at work. He's still very clingy, and if I pull out my laptop when he's around, he demands a Thomas DVD. ;)

lbdiamond said...

LOL, the quote is PERFECT!!!! Thanks for the tour of your writing spaces--I, too, use the couch. My laptop sits on my lap, cushioned by a pillow. ;)

Eric said...

This is so awesome, all the pics I mean. I will have to do something similar when my turn comes. As for the dishes (and the shower), I think you hit it on the head. The mundane processes allows us to let our mind wander, which is where we get all the awesome ideas. Nice job!

Sarah Bromley said...

Great post! It's so cool to see where the ideas hit other people, and for some reason I like seeing other peoples' work spaces.

Shaun Hutchinson said...

Your son is so cute all sprawled out on the couch :)

I loved the tour of your best writing spots. Also, I agree that doing something mindless to work through an idea is a great way to do it.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Your computer desk looks amazingly like mine. ;) And I love your uber comfortable chair. Fun post!

Michelle H. said...

Love the writing spaces tour. I tried the kitchen table but never had an uber-comfortable chair to use.

(Sorry if you receive two comments. For some reason, I'm having a bit of problems)

B.J. Anderson said...

That is hilarious because I get some of my best ideas while doing dishes or taking a shower. I watched something that said we think up our best ideas around water. I think there's some truth in that for sure!

Kat Harris said...

I'm the same way about the best times to write. I used to be a hardcore night owl. Lately, I've found that early mornings are much better.

Margie Gelbwasser said...

I hate the dishes thing too but I think it's something about doing a repetitive action that lets your brain to wonder and go to a happy place. Shower used to work for me, but with a toddler, I do those quick in and out showers so can't stay and think there too long. Love that cushiony chair of yours!

Sarah Bromley said...

Your son's so cute, asleep on the couch! I also find being away from writing--like while doing dishes--is a great place to either come up with a new idea or stumble upon a way to solve a bugbear that's been hindering progress.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

LOVE the pictures - so fun to have a sneak peek into someone else's writing life. Funny enough my desk is directly beneath the AC vent and it sometimes gets too cold sitting there;)