Monday, March 8, 2010

A Contest, An Award, And a Blog Chain, Oh My!

Happy Monday! Okay, we've got a couple fun things going on. First off, Elana Johnson is running an awesome book giveaway contest, so head to her blog for all the details! She's giving away SEVEN SIGNED BOOKS (most of them personalized). Definitely go check it out :)

Next, the very sweet Laura Diamond awarded me with The Honest Scrap Award :D Thanks Laura!!! For this award, I'm supposed to tell 10 truths about myself. Soooo....

1. I prefer even numbers to odd - to the point that odd numbers kinda drive me nuts, especially when it comes to buying fruit - I always buy 6 apples, never five...weird stuff like that LOL

2. When I hit 30, my hair went curly instead of gray

3. It took me almost 10 years and 4 colleges to get my Bachelors degree...I didn't get kicked out or anything, I just moved a lot and kept losing credits LOL

4. I'm probably allergic to chocolate but just can't quit it

5. I read the first books in the Outlander and Clan of the Cave Bear series in one day (a piece, not one doay for both of them...I'm good, but not that good :D They are 1000 + page books after all LOL...couldn't put them down)

6. I've lived in seven different states, two on the east coast, one on the west, a couple in between and even an island (Hawaii)

7. One of the reasons I wanted to date my husband was because his family is Scottish and I had just finished reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and was completely enthralled with anything Scottish :D

8. I am the oldest of five kids - my last brother came quite a bit later than the rest of us, and my husband is quite a bit older than my youngest brother is the same age as my stepson :) And I apparently like the phrase "quite a bit" :D

9. I had an almost photographic memory...until I had kids. Now I have trouble remembering my name

10. Loves to dance but NEVER in public :D

Annnnd, I totally flaked on my blog chain duties - I was supposed to post my entry on Saturday and then promised I'd do it last night. Oops *embarrassed face* So, without further ado, my blog chain post :D

The awesome Eric chose this topic. He wanted to know:

Do you create characters that are larger-than-life or are your characters more like the average Joe?

I like larger than life characters, but when it comes to my main characters, so far at least, I create characters that are more like the average Joe. BUT, these characters are put in larger than life situations and do larger than life things. They find out they have special powers, or have ghostly friends, or end up on a treasure hunt in a life or death race for some jewels.

And I like to give them out-of-the-ordinary quirks. A proper Victorian lady who isn't so proper and is the least graceful thing on two legs; a sweet average high school girl who boxes on the weekends; a shy, quiet valedictorian who does extraordinary things when no one is watching.

So I guess I do a little of both. My characters are seemingly average - or they are average on the surface, but they all have a fun twist to them, whether it's something supernatural or just a cool quirk that isn't expected.

Be sure to check out the always extraordinary Bonny, who answered this question before me, and the amazing Mr. Shaun, who will post next :)


Kat Harris said...

Wow. This is the most efficient blog post I've ever read.

Good job!

Eric said...

Eh, you can be forgiven for posting when you did. As long as you enjoyed the question, it's all good. I like your take on this though. I was wondering if there would be anyone sort of in the middle.

Oh, and so like the comment about your hubby being Scottish. That's a hilarious reason. The question that arises though is whether he braved a kilt for the wedding.

Cole Gibsen said...

Ha ha! I loved the bit about your husband :) Great post!

Patti said...

I have a sister in law who said Outlander saved her marriage. Love that series.

Elana Johnson said...

Thanks for the link to my blog.

And I can't believe you started dating your husband because of a book! That is wicked awesome.


Michelle McLean said...

Kat - LOL thanks :D It's called, I had 5 minutes to get this post up so thought I'd skip the rambling and get straight to the point. :D

Eric - he wouldn't and yet now swears I never asked him to wear a kilt, but I soooo did. I mean, he's short but he's got the build and the red hair and everything, so heck yeah, I wanted that kilt! :D It is one of our main "he said, she said" arguments to this day :D I'll get him in one one of these days :D

Cole - thanks! How are you doing?

Patti - Ha! That's awesome. Yeah, I've read the entire series several times. Absolutely LOVE it :)

Elana- lol yeah. I started fantasizing about being Mrs. McLean and going on trips to visit his cousins in Scotland almost immediately LOL Unfortunately, his grandfather was the one who immigrated, so my husband doesn't have the accent. But maybe if I ever get my way and we move to Scotland the genes will kick in and he'll get one :D

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I love it!

#7- I have done the same with The Man because he's Asian and my love for all things least, that's what he says.

L.T. Elliot said...

I thought that was awesome about you and you hubby. ;) And I love Eric's comment!

Sandra said...

It seems that the people who do give their characters a little something extra start them off as ordinary people. I guess that's a good way to maintain a balance.

Jemi Fraser said...

I used to have a memory before kids too. :) Wonder where it's gone???

Love the personal facts - my folks are Scottish and I totally agree with you :)

B.J. Anderson said...

Great post and I like your take on the blog chain question. Very cool to put average Joe people in not-so-average situations. :D

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Love your description of average joe's put in larger than life situations - that is totally what I go for too!

Air Jordan said...
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