Thursday, June 18, 2009

WIP Wednesday Plus One

Quote of the Day:
The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense.
~Tom Clancy

Okay, since yesterday was my turn for the Blog Chain, today you get my update, such as it is :) Actually, I'm not doing too bad.

Fiction - My still untitled YA Urban Fantasy now has 16 out of its 21 chapters finished and typed. I have two more chapters I need to write (and type) and 3 chapters that just need typing. And then I'm done!

Well, then the edits start. I've already got 1 new plot line to weave through the story and rewrites planned for the first chapter, but at least the main story will be done and intact :D

Haven't done anything else on the non-fiction, though I should have one more chapter on it finished in the next week or two. As soon as the YA is done, I'll concentrate on this for a bit.

I currently have two new WIPs knocking on the creative gates, plus a revamp of my first book - not sure what to work on first. But I am trying very hard not to think of them until this current one is done :D Gotta love that muse when she drops by and sets up camp!

How is everyone else doing?


ElanaJ said...

Is your muse on the ledge with you? That's sort of scary. ;)

Good job on all your progress.

Michelle McLean said...

Yep, she is :D She tries to tempt me from the edge with all the new stories :D

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

You sound all together. Good luck, I can hear the excitement in your voice.

christinefonseca said...

Hey Michelle - maybe you and your muse could jump, have some fun and gosh knows what could come out of that!!!

Michelle McLean said...

Ahh no worries :D She goes with me everywhere (even if she occasionally throws a hissy fit and refuses to talk to me) ;-D

We took a leap the other day and things are looking much better now :D