Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WIP Wednesday and a Book List Update

Ah, this week was a good week! Though it didn't seem like it. But once I started adding up numbers and chapters, it really was productive :D That's always fun to report.

Non-fiction - 2.5 chapters written for a total of 4.5/25 = 18% done

I also started querying, very slowly. Just sent out a few queries, but have received one request so far, so doing well there.

Fiction - did awesome today! In fact, probably 90% of my wordage this week came from today's haul. It helps when the hubby takes the kids out of the house for a couple hours :D So, the stats are:

Notebook pages = 162 front and back, 1 front only

Pens drained = still only 5!!!

I'm telling you, #6 is hanging on for dear life. But I took it apart tonight just to see how much I've got left, and it really shouldn't be too much longer. I think they may have put more ink in this pen than in the's the only explanation I can think of.....

Approximate total wordage = 48,750/60,000 = 81% done!!

I think I might actually start typing up the manuscript in a few days also. I might write one more scene in my notebooks, but I've sort of gotten to where most of the scenes are written except for the very end and a few in betweens - only I've jumped around so much I'm not sure where the holes are that need to be filled. So, I'm going to write one more scene that I'm sure needs to be in there, and then type the whole thing up. Then I will see what my actual word count is and I can start filling out some scenes where necessary and patch the holes :) I am very excited I am so close!

And for the Reading List Update (yep, I actually managed to read a book this week!)

#20 So Still the Night by Kim Lenox - this is book 2 in her Shadow Guards series and I enjoyed it every bit as much as book 1. I highly recommend them!

How is everyone doing on their WIPs? Getting any reading or writing done?


Scott said...


I'm still plugging away at my new WIP. I'm currently reading The Two Towers by Tolkien . . . for probably the 776th time. Well, not that many, but close. I'm also in the process of trying to perfect my query letter so an agent will take notice. SIGH. Ice cream, I need ice cream . . . NOW!


Michelle McLean said...

Ahhh, yes, the query letter - the bane of a writer's existence :) I've been tinkering with mine for a month or so and the book isn't even done yet! LOL ugh, they are harder to write than the book, I think. Ice cream does help though ;-)

Jamie D. said...

Lots of reading this week - 3 ebooks already this week, I think, and a 4th started. I'm also reading "Nothing to Lose" by Lincoln Child, which is good so far.

Writing is slower, but still moving along...

Congrats on reaching the "type-it-in" point, and your request from a query! Exciting! :-)

WindyA said...

Great productivity you've got going! And congrats on the request. I'm still plugging through drafts of query letters myself, so not sure yet when I'm going to start sending.

And it's always nice to have accomplished on both the reading and writing side.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Awesome! You have been productive!!

ElanaJ said...

I can't believe that last pen has hung on so long! Great progress!

The Muse said...

Oh you have been busy...(I feel so sorry for pen #6, he is doomed! LOL)
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The Muse

Joyce Wolfley said...

81% - great job!

Lynnette Labelle said...

Congrats! You've been very productive. Wish I could say the same, but tomorrow's my day. The twins will be in summer session preschool for a full day! Yahoo! First time, baby!

Lynnette Labelle

Annie Louden said...

Wow, your progress this week is amazing!
That is funny about pen #6. Maybe it's holding out to see how the story ends.

Anonymous said...

What a great week...congrats!!!

Jeannette said...

Great stats! Love the "pens drained" indicator.