Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Quote for the Day:
The only reason for being a professional writer is that you just can't help it. ~Leo Rosten

Well, it was another slow going week. One of those where, as I was looking around my messy house, I wondered why I bothered putting myself through the torture that writing can sometimes become. And then I realized that I did it because I loved doing it and tried to get my butt in gear :) Writing is such a love/hate thing with me sometimes :D But, I did get a little bit done. Here are my current stats:

Notebook pages filled: 138 front and back

Pens drained dry: 5

Approximate word count: 41,400/70,000 = 59% done


Jamie said...

I'm so with you there - why do I write? Because I can't "not write"!

Congrats on the progress! :-)

Eric said...

Congrats on what you've accomplished. I write because I'm learning how to write and need the practice. :)

Scott said...

You mean I'm supposed to write and clean house? Was that in the fine print I didn't bother to read?

I feel your frustration. There are evenings where the words just do not want to flow. I get so frakkin' frustrated it's not even funny. Then, there are the evenings where the words won't stop flowing and I have dinner to cook, laundry to do, the boyz to walk, the cats to pay attention to, and . . .

I love your quote of the day. I think Mr. Rosten pretty much summed up all of our lives.


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

5 drained pens!?! I can't remember the last time I wrote enough to drain a pen. Congrats on all the progress, and try not to worry too much about the messy house!

Miss Java said...

So where did you get that WIP picture?

Can I swipe it for my blog? :o)

Michelle McLean said...

well to be fair, I don't think there is as much ink in my pens as in some others, because I go through a lot more than Elana does. However, I am just hooked on these pens - and have gotten kind of weird about them. I have to completely drain one before I start another one (and they have these cool little plastic balls on the tips that you have to take off before you can use them, so I don't ever crack open a new one until the old one is completely drained).

The other day, I couldn't find the pen I had been using, and I just couldn't make myself start a new I didn't write until I searched and found the one I had been using. And I never use them for anything other than my WIP. LOL oye, I'm starting to scare myself :D Oh! In case you were wondering, I use Bic's Veolcity Gel blue :D

Michelle McLean said...

and Kristal, I think I got it from either Kate's or Elana's blog...and yes, yes you can :D

ElanaJ said...

Cool stats! Can't wait to read this!

christinefonseca said...

I so totally get the Love/hate relationship with much so I talk about it in tomorrow's blog post!

You are making progress...which is AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work.

Annie Louden said...

I love stats! Yours are inspiring.
Ha, I often feel like I can't write because my house is so messy. My brain just starts to feel overwhelmed, and then I feel tired and can't think.

Keep draining those pens! I used to have a "special" pen for journaling, but they don't make it anymore, so I've given up on consistent pens.