Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reading List Update

Okay - I think I'll make Thursdays my update day :) So, for this week, I have two books to add to my list....

9. Wolf Wing by Tanith Lee (enjoyed it, but out of the series of 4, my favorite, by far, was book #1)

10. Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
--this is the author that wrote Ella Enchanted - so if you liked the book (or movie) of that, you'll enjoy Fairest (it is Ms. Levine's take on Snow White). I really enjoyed it :)

I have Melissa Mar's Wicked Lovely on the way and have book # 2 of that series on my table (courtesy of my awesome friend Bethany). I am also in a twitter over book #5 of the Casts' teenage vampyre series coming out next week (I believe), so hopefully next Thursday I'll have a few more to add!

Actually, there is another book on my table as well, but I can't remember the title and I don't want to run upstairs to look :D But I'll be starting that one today :D

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Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oh, that Fairest books sounds great, I love twists on Fairy Tales, I may have to add that one to my pile.

I just read Wicked Lovely last week, I thought it was pretty good, but will give a fuller opinion next week in my monthly book round-up.