Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday

Good's was a very long weekend and Monday kind of snuck up on me. So :D Here's a little randomness for today. I should be back to fully functioning brain capacity by tomorrow. I hope :D

1. There's just no guessing what kids will like. While designing the website for my children's book pen name, I ran a few backgrounds by my kids. Thought they'd flip over the cool photo-manipped background I found. Didn't interest them at all. Their favorite - a pretty meadow scene with a windmill, rainbow and wildflowers. They reacted with audible gasps. Go figure.

2. Had a whole Twilight marathon over the weekend. Watched all 3 available movies and reread Breaking Dawn (well....skimmed through half of it :D). Love this series, yet feel guilty about it. Kind of like the way I feel about New Kids on the Block :) You know everyone else loves them too but for some reason it's not "cool" - whatev....I heart me some Twilight...and New Kids  ;-P

3. Whole wheat bagels have 49 grams of carbs....I'd be better off eating a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast....Does anyone have chocolate cake? I'll be right over

4. Dreams that are cool at night tend to linger in a disturbing way during the day and sort of throw all my plans out the window. All I want to do is get back to sleep and finish the story :D P.S. This is also why my idea file is so enormous.....I have the COOLEST dreams :D

5. Getting weird looks from the hubs about the scraps of paper all over the house with a bunch of different signatures all over them. But hey, if I have to pick a pen name, I need to be sure I can sign the dang thing.

6. It's hard picking a pen name.

7. Correction. It's hard to narrow down the pen name.

8. I'm extremely irritated because I thought of the PERFECT name last night. This morning, all I can remember is the last name. And it was the first name I was so in love with. I really need to keep a pad of paper by my bed.

9. I have a slight OCD thing about odd numbers, so I'm rambling about OCD tendencies so I can end on an even number :D

10. Woohoo! An even number :D Have a few funnies and see you tomorrow!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Loved the photos!
And nothing wrong with good carbs. As a vegetarian, I'd say 75-80% of my calories are carbs.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

1). LOVE the owl.

2). Regarding the thinking of something and not remembering what it was in the morning -- I HATE when that happens! =( (Hopefully you'll remember it soon!)

3.) Why am I numbering this?

4.) Your Twilight explanation is SO PERFECT. Now, anytime a friend looks down on me for my Twi-love... I'm *so* going to use NKOTB as an example! (And no, I don't personally like them that much... anymore.)

5.) Kids are kids are kids. And when they're OUR kids, they're going to pretty much shoot anything we like right down. 'Cuz they're our kids. (Something about having the name Mom, I guess.)

and last but not least....

6.) I have a vegan chocolate cake... does that count? ;)

Happy Monday!