Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Chains and Summer Flings

I'm posting on time this round! Apparently miracles do actually happen :D

This round's topic was chosen by the lovely Katrina who wants to know:

Have you ever written a summer fling? Or are all your fictional relationships the deep, forever kind? If you did write one, how would it begin (the meet cute)? Where would it be set? 

I haven't ever written a summer fling. My relationships are all the deep, forever kind. To be honest, I don't know if I ever could write a summer fling lol I'm too much of a hopeless romantic that wants that all-consuming, lasts-for-infinity type of love :)

If I HAD to write one, it would probably be set in some vacation setting....a tropical island or Irish castle....something where the reason the couple are there in the first place is temporary and something they will HAVE to end no matter how they feel about it.

Or maybe it could be some dramatic situation - lost in the woods, broken down car, snowed in somewhere, and one member of the couple could rescue the other one :) And after a few fun days holed up somewhere, they'd go back to their regular lives.

I gotta be honest though, even in imagining these situations my mind is going to the "but what if a year later they met up again" scenarios lol I just can't leave love alone :)

How about you? Writers, what type of relationships do you most often write about? Readers, what types of relationships do you like reading about? Do you like the fun summer flings or do you prefer your favorite characters to stay together forever?

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Katrina L. Lantz said...

I love terminal romantics! I'm kind of one myself. I picked this topic just for summer, but then realized I haven't really ever written a summer fling either. The sample I put on my blog to meet the prompt might work since the guy is a philosophy major who doesn't see the point to long-term relationships anyway. But how to end it without ending it tragically... I think you have to introduce the true love for a truly satisfying ending.