Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Chain - Illustrating the Literary World

Blog Chain time again! This topic was chosen by the lovely Amparo who says:

Confession: I can't draw to save my life. *sigh* If you had some seriously epic drawing skills (or if you already have them) which published book would you have loved to illustrate? Why does that book--and its characters/premise--strike you as something you'd love to work on as an artist?

To be honest....I have no idea lol But it would most likely be a fairy tale-type story or one of the old epics like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or King Arthur. Something with magic and beautiful gowns and princesses and knights. Mermaids perhaps. Or a fairy queen.

One of my favorite things about reading fairy tales was looking at the gorgeous artwork. I'll buy a book for the artwork alone, whether or not I ever read the story.

If I had the ability to draw (and sadly, I really really do NOT), I'd want to bring to life something fantastical and other-worldly - one of the Narnia books maybe, or A Wrinkle in Time. Lord of the Rings. Or my To Trust a Thief. I have this vision in my head of Min and Bryant sitting near her favorite greenhouse. There is a huge weeping willow she sits beneath, gazing out at a pond, in some stunning ballgown, while her hero sits beside her in all his Victorian handsomeness :) I think it would make a beautiful painting :)

How about you? Can you draw? If you could, what story would you want to illustrate?

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