Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog Chain - Favorite Reads

Blog Chain time! This round I got to choose the topic and I want to know:

As a reader and/or a writer what are some of your favorite fiction tropes? Are you sucker for secretly in love with best friend type stories, stories set in mysterious boarding school stories, stories that contain time travel, or something else entirely? As a writer how do you try to give the tropes you tackle in your own books a fresh?

I'm one of those people who will read just about anything. As long as it's well written and keeps me hooked, I can get into just about any genre. Except horror. I can do smallish doses of horror within another genre but I am way too big of a chicken with way too big of an overactive imagination that likes to torture me to read anything too scary and/or horrifying. Other than that though, I'm pretty open.

I do really enjoy romances (of course), mysteries, and paranormals. My favorite books tend to include a good mixture of all three with a nice side of humor :) The Sookie Stackhouse books for instance. There is also some mystery and/or danger, plenty of romance, tons of vampires/shifters/witches/etc running around and a healthy dose of comic relief. Definitely my cup of tea.

I'm also huge on historicals, fiction and non-fiction. And again, if those historicals contain elements of romance, mystery, danger, or humor, I'm sold.

As a writer, it's probably no surprise that I like to write what I read. Historical romances and contemporary romances with a paranormal twist. I try to give them a twist I either haven't seen before or haven't seen much of. Easier said than done most times :) but I often find that it comes down to character. The situation those  characters are in might not be new, but if you can create a really engaging character who hopefully reacts to those situations in new and expected ways, you might have a winner :)

How about you? What are your favorite types of stories?

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Katrina L. Lantz said...

I have been hearing this Sookie character's name forever now. It's probably way past time for me to check her out.

You, Sarah Eden, and (don't laugh) Gail Carriger actually got me hooked on historical romance, even though the last one is more paranormal/steampunk. But the tea cups! The crumpets! It's all so much fun.