Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2 of the Treasure Hunt!

Today I'm over at the Romance Junkies with another clue. Find the right spot on the map, and enter to win a $25 gift card!!

If you missed yesterday's stop, be sure to stop at Thompson's Bookstore to enter yesterday's giveaway for a beautiful Victorian bookmark.

Here are the Treasure Hunt blog stops:

Day 1 - Monday Jan 21st – My Blog
Day 2 - Tuesday, January 22 -- Romance Junkies
Day 3 - Wednesday, January 23 -- Cocktails and Books
Day 4 - Thursday, January 24 -- Romance Book Junkies
Day 5 - Friday, January 25 -- Romance Reviews Today

And don't forget the Extra Entries Clue = There will be an opportunity for extra entries if you can figure out the riddle of the villainous Lord Rellik's name. The clue will be listed on the entry form, but I'll list it here as well to give you a little more thinking time.

There is something sinister about Rellik’s name; figure it out, get extra points for the game. Here is a hint, if you are in doubt; try reading it backwards, it might help you out.

My gorgeous book trailer is now out and about as well! Enjoy :)

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ali cross said...

Awesome! Congratulations Michelle!