Monday, January 28, 2013

Blog Chain - a Boo Boo and a New Topic

K, so apparently the topic I posted it about last time was the topic for THIS chain (oops!) sooo, I will post about the last topic this time and this is the link to my last post on the current topic that everyone else will be posting on this time. Clear as mud? :D

Okay, so what I was supposed to post on last time was Katrina's topic which was:

Write about your next writing project. What is the genre? Is is one you've written before or is it a new venture? Do you have it all figured out or is it just a germ of an idea? What did you learn from your latest writing project that will make this one even better?

My current project is book 2 in the Blood Blade Sisters trilogy, and my next project will be book 3. They are historical romance and book 2 is well under way. Book 3....not so much lol I have a very bare bones outline done that needs to be fleshed out before I can get started on the book..

Next up after that, I have several ideas in mind that I will be batting around with my editor. Two of them are contemporary romances, one is a trilogy that is probably best defined as urban fantasy although the first book is set in ancient Egypt, one is a super secret series that I've only told my husband about because I am sooo in love with this idea that I'm afraid to utter it out loud :D Annnd I have a NF on how to write poetry that I hope to have out by Sept (that will be my project for the summer - it's about half finished).

The one thing I've learned through all my years at doing this is that I have to be ORGANIZED to the point of obnoxiousness or it all falls apart. I used to be a pantser writer....but I just can't do that anymore. Writing that way often required months, if not years, of revisions, total rewrites, and insane edits. Having a very detailed outline before I start has whittled down the whole process considerably. I can now finish a first draft in a matter of weeks, and that first draft isn't nearly the train wreck that it once would have been. :)

What is your next project? If you aren't a writer, what is next on your TBR list? Do you like to mix up genres or do you primarily stick to reading one favorite genre?

Make sure to head to Alyson's blog to see her take on both this chain's topic from the last round because she apparently did the same thing I did :D and her post on this round, and don't forget to check out Katrina's take on it all (with all the right topics because she can keep things straight lol) :)


Alyson Greene said...

Oops! Yeah, I just followed your lead last round and posted on the wrong topic. :) But I'm inspired by your words of wisdom to stay organized and to create a detailed outline.

Matthew MacNish said...

Whoa. Blood Blade Sisters sounds really cool!

Katrina L. Lantz said...

I'm looking forward to all these projects. I'm reading To Trust a Thief in my spare time and laughing out loud at Min and Bryant. They are freaking adorable. Thank you.

I'm learning the joy of writing to the 15 beats, but I'm still getting a little lost in the middle in the "and then a bunch of stuff happens" bit. Oy.