Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I Got During My Last Trip to Borders

Okay, I've had a few people ask me this so I thought I'd post a list :D Yes, they are mostly fantasy paperbacks and several sequels (and I haven't read the first books). I had limited funds and time so I grabbed anything that looked interesting :D

Grace - by Elizabeth Scott
The Faeman Quest - by Herbie Brennan
The Hidden Goddess - by M.K. Hobson
Candle in the Storm - by Morgan Howell
Law of the Broken Earth - by Rachel Neumeier
Bloodhound - by Beka Cooper
Palace Council - by Stephen L. Carter
Last Sacrifice - by Richelle Mead (for giveaways since I already have a copy)
I Remember Nothing - by Nora Ephron
and a 2 CD + 1 DVD blooper reel Ultimate Sports Mix

Grand total (including tax) = $5.30  :D


Mac said...

He's so cheap he ...

I won't finish what I heard my dad said about me.

But it's true. I love a good deal.

If I hadn't converted my love to my tablet...I would have been in line with you.

-- ;O) Mac

Stephanie McGee said...

Okay, Bloodhound=good. First book in the series is called Terrier. The last in the series (I believe) comes out next month and is called Mastiff.

I absolutely love Tamora Pierce's books. If you haven't read any of her others, but you like what you see, you are welcome to hit me up via e-mail to ask about her others.

Hope you enjoy them all!

Jane Gray said...

An intriguing collection which would probably have been totally different with more time to browse and choose... but I wonder which one you'll be tempted to go for first? Enjoy them all!
The Time Sculptor

Jonathon Arntson said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing. I'd like to borrow the sports bloopers one day.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Good thinking to get a giveaway book. Sad that it's your last visit, though. :/