Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chip Off the Ol' Quill

My husband and I had a meeting with my kids' teachers yesterday and one of them said something about my son that just had me giddy with proud-mama glee.

She said that she had posted a picture of a fish in the ocean and told the class to write about it, describing what they see in the picture. (This is a first grade reading class, my son is 7). She said my son wrote "I am a fish." And then described the picture from the point of view of a fish.

How awesome is that!? His teacher said she was very impressed with that (so was I!) that he would think of something like that.

I'm already envisioning all the books he'll be writing some day LOL He actually does like to write books. He'll sit next to me while I'm working and write and illustrate his own little book. Just like his mama :)

It made me think about my family...whether or not I got the writing bug from anyone along the family tree. I know my great-grandmother wrote poetry - I have a book of it on one of my shelves. And my grandmother also writes poetry and is an amazing artist. My mother was always an avid reader - I grew up raiding her bookshelves.

What about you? Are you the chip off of anyone's writing block? Are any of your kids following in your footsteps? Or are you the first in your family to develop our strange and wonderful "disease"? :)


B.E. Sanderson said...

I don't think I got my writing bug from anyone. Dad did write poetry in his later years, but I think that was just to get his thoughts out before he passed on. My daughter, though, likes to write and has started several stories - just like teenage me. And just like teenage me, she hasn't finished any of them. I just hope she doesn't wait until she's in her thirties to get serious about writing like I did.

Matthew MacNish said...

Very cool. My daughter is a decent writer, but she is 15, so it's not quite that exciting, or adorable!

Stephanie McGee said...

Far as I know, I'm the first. But I don't know much.

Shari said...

My kids used to, and still do, but I don't know if I got it from anyone in my family tree. My mother was an avid reader and bought me lots of books growing up. I'll have to think about that.