Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebration Contest!


Well, my fabulous readers, I believe I promised you a contest :)

How about a super easy contest with lots of opportunities for extra entries?

How To Enter:

To enter the contest, simply leave me a comment on this post. You can say anything you want, just a quick "hi!" (try and keep it nice though ;-D ) and that's it! You are entered!

Extra Entry Opportunities:

1. Be or become a follower of this blog = 1 extra entry

2. Blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, or MySpace it = 1 extra entry per announcement = 4 possible extra entries

3. Put it on your blog's sidebar = 2 extra entries

4. Be or become a follower of my other blog, Papers, Prose, and Poetry (click HERE or on the link in the sidebar) = 5 extra entries

That is a grand total of 12 possible extra entries  :D

Leave me your tally with links to your posts in your comment. Everyone will go on to a spread sheet and a handy random number generator will choose the winner.

And now for the prizes (drum roll please......)

One lucky winner will win:

A query critique from my ever awesome agent, Krista Goering

A copy of the incredible Query Queen Elana Johnson's e-book - From the Query to the Call


A $20 dollar gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Depending on the response, I may just have to throw something else fabulous into the prize pot :)

So hurry and enter!!!! I will be accepting entries for one week, from today, Monday Feb 22nd, until midnight on Monday March 1st.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 2nd.

Happy Entering Everyone!!


Tere Kirkland said...

Wow, what a great contest!

Thanks, and good luck to everyone who enters!

JEM said...

Huzzah, who doesn't love contests?!
My tally:
Left a comment: 1 entry
Already a follower: 1 entry
Joined Papers: 5 entries
Blogged about the content: 1 entry

For a grand total of: 8 entries!

I'm glad to have found your blog, and not just for contest related reasons :).

Elana Johnson said...

Wow - all that for one person!!! Kewl!! You are awesome, Michelle!

Amy Tate said...

Oh, oh, count me in! My B&N list grows by the hour. Thanks, Michelle!

Angela said...

Great idea, and cool prizes!

My tally:

Left a comment: 1 entry
Already a follower: 1 entry
Joined Papers blog: 5 entries

Total: 7 entries

Lynnette Labelle said...

Super contest! Please enter my name twice. I'm a follower and have now left a comment. Thanks.

Lynnette Labelle

Anonymous said...

Your website is beautiful.


Abby Annis said...

Great contest! I'll be back with more entries. :)

Diane said...

I've entered and am now a follower. Great contest and thanks! :O)

Anonymous said...

Great contest and prizes!

Be a follower - 1
add to sidebar - 2
Other blog - 5

Grand total of 8 entries.

Jemi Fraser said...

Great contest Michelle!

comment - 1
follower - 1
tweeted - 1
follower PPP - 5

total = 8

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Congrats to you!!! This is a super fun way of celebrating your book's publication!!! :)

Here's my entry list:

Blog post-1 (scheduled for tomorrow AM)
Follower of this blog-1
Follower of your other blog-5

Total: 11

Phillywriter said...

Hey, great blog and contest:

So I've:
1. Left a comment
2. Linked both of your blogs to my blog.
3. tweeted about it.


Conda V. Douglas said...

A fantastic contest, Michelle! I'm entering. I've been a follower of this great blog for awhile and now I'm a follower of Papers, Prose, and Poetry, too. I also just posted on my Facebook page and on Twitter.
You can find me on twitter as Conda V. Douglas--same as facebook! I also added you to my blog's sidebar:

B.J. Anderson said...

OH! Pick me! Pick me!! :D :D Congrats again, Michelle. And awesome contest. I'm a follower and I became a follower of your other blog. :D

Anonymous said...

Answered and added to blog roll. Thanks and thanks.

Falen said...

yay contests! 2 entries for me!

Chantal said...

My gosh, this is an awesome contest. Thanks!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Woo-hoo! Fantabulous contest, Michelle!

+1 - I left a comment
+1 - happy follower
+2 - blogroll link
+1 - Facebook
+5 - Following PPP

+10 Total :-)

Carrie said...

Count me in! This is a great idea for a contest!

L.T. Elliot said...

A great contest, Michelle! (Sadly, this is not an entry because I am not ready for a query crit and I already have Elana's book but I still wanted to say hi and tell you what a great contest it is!)

The Newlons said...

Love you! Fun contest and good luck to everyone!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

Huzzah! Another supporter and you're holding a contest! Woo-hoo!

cheermom said...

What a great contest! My queries can use all the help they can get.

Kimmy said...

Count me in! Best of luck with your book!

Nostra said...

If I win a query critique, it will cost someone big time, because my query is taped near the top of the Eiffel Tower. If you take the ride up, you can’t miss it. After I read the really successful literary agents go up the tower at least once in their lifetime, I thought that might be a good place to put it.

If I win Elana’s e-book From the Query to the Call, I could learn how to reduce the number of rejections I receive on a daily basis.

If I win the $20.00 gift card for Barnes and Noble, I could buy a good book on writing fiction.

Michelle, you are the best. Thank you for all of your support and help. You have helped me become a better writer.

Michelle McLean said...

Ah Nostra, you are so sweet :)

Loving all the entries! Keep em coming and good luck!

Abby Annis said...

Okay, here's my tally:
+1 comment
+1 following
+1 blogged about it

+5 following Paper, Prose, and Poetry

Total: 8


Abby Stevens said...

Hello Michelle!

+1 comment
+1 Tweet (@thetabbycatt)
+1 Following
+5 Following Papers, Prose, and Poetry

=8 entries


jessjordan said...

Awesome contest, Michelle! Thanks a bunch!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Fun contest!

I'm a follower +1
Joined papers +5
Left a comment +1


BTW- I love the background at Papers!

Kathy McIntosh said...

Terrific contest! I'm now a follower of both your blogs:
6 points
Just tweeted it = 1
Put it on my sidebar = 2

9 points
Plus, do I get one for simply loving the animal photos you put on your blog? :)
No? Okay, still love 'em.

Kathy McIntosh said...

Oops! Forgot that I left a comment and put it on Facebook.
That makes 11, I think.

Sarah Bromley said...

Thanks for running the contest, Michelle. You're a doll.

Tiffany Neal said...

Thanks!! This is a great contest!!

New follower of both sites!
+6 points

Chase March said...

I just saw your comment on Nathan's blog and followed you here. I thought I should enter this contest and then explore your blog a bit more afterwards. But I think I'll tweet it first.

JosephDMMiller said...

Get contest! I've got 7 entries (+1 comment, +1 follower, +5 following Papers)

Margay said...

This is a wonderful contest!

Left comment: 1 entry
Blog follower: 1 entry
Tweeted: 1 entry
Facebooked: 1 entry



Karen Lange said...

Hi Michelle,
Great contest! Heard about it from Elana.

Two entries for me:
became a follower

Thanks a bunch!

Joey Malone said...

I'll take the easy entry. Plus one more and maybe another.....hmmmmmm maybe see how many I can get.

Reesha said...

Hey, I'm new here. I might just stay awhile too. This blog looks intriguing.

Enter me!

Comment = 1
Follower = 1
Follower of other blog = 5

Total = 7

Rachelle said...

Awesome contest--Elana sent me. :)
I'm a follower of both your blogs and HELLO! so I have 7 entries.

Michele said...

Left a comment: 1
Joined blog:1
Post on FB: 1

MG Higgins said...

Hello! What a great contest.

I'm leaving a comment: +1
I've been a follower for a while: +1
I just joined "Papers...": +5

For a total of 7.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Caledonia Lass said...

Hello! I've just followed your blog and am now commenting.
Have a great weekend and thanks for such a cool contest!

Lydia said...

Wonderful idea, and congrats!

Faith Imagined said...

Great contest! I am a follower here and I'll go over to your other blog and become a follower! Thanks you!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in!!


Suze said...

Love a springtime (hopefully) contest. Because I'm a little behind the social media curve, I have just 6 entries - for being a follower of both your lovely blogs. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Wowie, wow, wow...I follow both blogs and this is great. Good luck to all.

cheermom said...

Please add three more entries for me. I'm now following your other blog and posted on my MySpace and Facebook pages.

Average Terran said...

Wishing everyone good luck!

Became a follower of blog-1

Became a follower of other blog-5

6 entries!

Emeraldsky said...

With minutes to spare!!!
Commenting Here... 1
Following Here... 1
Following papers...5

7 Entries!! Woohoo!!