Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Well, I've slowed down a little in the last couple of days. My grandfather passed away early Monday morning, so I've been busy helping get his funeral together. However, since last Wednesday, I've still made some great progress - thanks mostly to Elana's Writer's Throwdown challenge.

So, for this week, I've gone through another 2 pens, not sure how many pages, but have written approximately 8,860 words this week. And I passed the 20,000 word mark!!! I am so excited about that!

And I should get a lot done this weekend as I have an almost 8 hour round trip car trek to make. I'll let the hubby drive so I can write :D

How is everyone else doing?


Annie Louden said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.

But congrats on all the writing! Passing 20K words is great news.

Windsong said...

Good job on the word count!


Isn't that what husbands are for?

ElanaJ said...

Throwdown? What is this you speak of? LOL! Way to go, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your grandfather...but great job on what you've accomplished!

WindyA said...

Definitely great job on the word count!

Crystal said...


Just wanted to offer my condolensces you & your family on your gradfather's passing.

And also congrats on passing 20K words--that IS an accomplishment!

Michelle McLean said...

Thanks everyone :) I really appreciate it. It's a sad occasion, of course, but I am excited to see my family. My parents and siblings all live in other states, so I don't see them often. So this whole thing is kind of bittersweet :)