Thursday, April 9, 2009

WIP Thursday

Okay, we are doing a WIP Thursday since I missed it yesterday (and because once again I have no updates for my reading list). Why is that you ask? Because I have been writing up a storm again!!!

Notebook count - half way through #1
Pen Count - 2...that's right! 2 pens, totally drained dry.

I now have 12,000 words on my WIP and I'm still going strong. I cannot tell you how excited I am by this. I generally get about 5,000 words into a new WIP and lose interest or get stuck or let it slip away for some other reason. I have four books with about three chapters to them. So to get this far and still be going....I have high hopes I might actually finish this one :D AND I have outlines for the next two books in the series. Hot dog, life is good!


Windsong said...

Yay for Muserly Inspiration!

That's amazing! I bet it feels good to just let those words flow from your fingers to the page. :)

If it's not too forward, what do you write?

michellemclean said...

LOL not too forward at all...I swear sometimes I just assume that everyone knows exactly what I'm thinking :) I actually genre hop a bit...I am currently querying a YA historical romance that used to be an adult historical romance. But my WIP is YA urban fantasy. I also have a non-fiction WIP on poetry that hasn't seen too much action in a while due to the fiction activities :)

And if I get totally stuck on something or just burned out, I take a break and write a couple children's picture books. I haven't tried too hard to get those published, I mostly write them for my kids :)

Windsong said...

That's awesome. You write in one of my favorite genres. :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH for a great week!!!

ElanaJ said...

"Hot dog" has me rolling on the floor laughing!

Carolyn Kaufman said...

Funny picture -- gave me the giggles! And keep writing!