Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrating in Style :)

I mentioned in a post recently that one of my traditions when I finish a book is to have my amazingly talented writer/jewelry maker friend Bonny Anderson make a necklace for me. So, I was very excited to do this when I finished my current book, Treasured Lies. In the book there is a locket that is an important element. I wanted something similar to the one I describe in the story. And Bonny created the PERFECT necklace for me :D I am so excited about my Treasured Lies necklace, I just had to share it with you all :D

If you are ever in the market for some beautiful jewelry, I highly recommend visiting Bonny's shop :) You can find her HERE.

Also, don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post for a chance to win a copy of Elana Johnson's awesome Possession and a Possession-themed necklace :D


Katrina L. Lantz said...

WOW!! That's beyond gorgeous! It must be so cool to have a piece of your story come to life like that. What a fabulous idea. Going to check out her shop now. :)

Mark said...

It's always groovy when life and books dovetail...kinda makes you wonder whether art imitates life or life art...maybe they're one and the same;)

Eric said...

That is an amazing piece of work. I had no idea Bonny had a shop like that. I'll have to go check it out, see if I can find something my wife might enjoy. Congrats on finishing the book though!

Ellie Great said...