Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

So most of my goals for this year have to do with un-neglecting everything I've been neglecting. Like this blog for instance. (I know, you are probably still picking your jaw up off the ground that I've posted on the poor thing lol)

But, last year was so busy (released 4 books and wrote 4 or 5) that I didn't seem have time to keep up with anything. THIS year, I want to rectify that.

So, along with the usual "Be a better mom/wife/writer" and of course "lose a million pounds" that are always on my list, I've added "be a better blogger/social media-er" and all that jazz ;-) We'll see how long I last :D

What's on your To Do list for the new year?


Laurie Marquis said...

To read everything Michelle blogs or writes! She is sooo good!

Dawn Embers said...

Blog more.
Write more.
Submit more.

Lots of more. And weigh less, cause need a less in there. ;-)