Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Entangled Eve! An Entangled Halloween Blog Hop

Entangled Publishing is hosting a massive blog hop. With over 50 authors participating, this is your chance to win a ton of fantastic prizes from your favorite authors!

The hop runs from October 18th-31st. Make sure to visit all these authors’ blogs during the hop! Comment on the various posts, and/or enter for the giveaways based on the author’s instructions. Discover new-to-you authors. Discover the awesome giveaways. They’re spooky. They’re funky. You really don’t want to miss it!

Click HERE for the full list of participating authors!

For my little corner of Spookyville, I thought I'd talk a bit about what scares the pants off of me. Honestly....just about everything :D

See, I have this insanely overactive imagination. Which can be great, being a writer and all. What makes it not so great is that I can freak myself out really REALLY easily. To help avoid this, I take a few precautions.

1. I do not watch scary movies. Like, at all. This includes movies like Ghostbusters and Scary Movie, which I will watch but only during the day....and usually only if I'm not alone in the house :D I won't even watch the commercials for scary movies. My darling stepson and husband have a great time trying to trick me into watching them and get a real kick out of me screaming like a little howling monkey when I catch a glimpse. Remember that imagination I mentioned? Well, it holds onto scary images and exaggerates them, busting them out at inopportune moments for years to come. Case in point, I watched The Sixth Sense back when it first came out on VHS (for those of you who don't know what VHS is, google it ;) ). Anyhow, I STILL, to this day, have to stop myself from repeating the "I see dead people" in a creepy voice as I go up the stairs - oh, and when I shut the lights of to go upstairs at night I go up those stairs very VERY quickly and never look behind me :D

2. I do not read scary books. This rule I bend on depending on the degree of scariness. Stephen Never. Not the scary ones anyway. I read The Forest of Hands and Teeth (but seriously had nightmares for a week afterwards so that one had to be relegated to daylight only hours as well).

3. Don't laugh....but I sleep with a nightlight :D Have ever since I was 16 and had a nightmare about a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes staring at me in my bedroom. My husband does not appreciate this particular quirk....we are working on it. Right now the nightlight currently resides in the hallway so I fall asleep facing the door (never with my back to the door....yes, I'm THAT neurotic lol)

4. I only write scary scenes during the day. Whenever possible at least. Sometimes a looming deadline will force me to write a zombie chase scene in the middle of the night, but I try to avoid that when possible :D

I know I must seem completely off  my rocker, but here's the thing. I'm pretty adept at conjuring frightening images and freaking myself out and that type of stuff seems to linger in my brain for far longer than anything else. So I figure, why help things along? I can scare the living daylights out of myself just fine with no help from outside sources :)

SO! Now for the fun stuff. My giveaway for this fun little blog hop! :D Anyone want a $20 gift card? :D Fill out the form below!


kipha said...

LOL Michelle you're missing out on some very fun films, but it's very understandable and I'm not making fun of you for it. And thank you very much for joining this Hop!

Michelle Willms said...

I have trouble watching scary movies, too. I have only recently begun watching them; my trouble is the same as yours. My imagination is too vivid and the things that frighten me come back at inopportune times. I do NOT sleep with my back to doors, either. Closet doors must all be tightly closed. I am frightened of the dark and need to have some type of light visible or I can't sleep. I have actually hyperventilated as a result of my fear of darkness. I understand you entirely. People who can't make their own mind movies have trouble grasping what people with overly vivid imaginations can create. Thanks so much for sharing. michelle_willms(at)yahoo(dot)com.