Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Chain - Monster Mash

Matt got to choose this round's topic, and he came up with a fun one :D

What is your all-time favorite monster?

At first glance, this seems like an easy question. But it really wasn't LOL See, I have different favorite monsters for all occasions. If I'm going to go with what has scared me the most for the longest amount of time, I'd probably have to say ghosts.

I reserve the right to change my mind should something more terrifying show up, but I tend to be really freaked out by things that I can't see. I mean, a big ol' yeti or something might scare my hair white, but at least I can see it coming at me. Plus, I'm pretty sure the other monsters don't exist (or if they do, they aren't bugging me). But I live in a very, very old house next to a 200 yr old cemetery and sometimes....well, let's just say weird things happen. And weird things have happened to other people I know. So...yeah...*shudder*

The monster to scare me most recently - Skinwalkers. This one is courtesy of the lovely Bethany Wiggins who regaled me with tales of these terrifying creatures while she was writing her book Shifting. Add to that the fact that we lived in the region where these creatures live, there were many locals who claimed to have seen them (and not just superstitious grannies...I'm talking big, burly oil workers who refused to drive down certain stretches of road because the last time they did something they thought was a man dropped to all fours and loped along beside their car...that was doing 40+ miles an hour), and the fact that I lived out in the middle of nowhere and my husband was frequently out of town for work (and Bethany liked to tell me that every noise I heard was probably a skinwalker LOL) - and yeah....*shudder*

Then there are the monsters of the cute, cuddly variety. The ones that make you say awwww more often than AHHH!!! Like these two:

But, I guess if I'm going to pick my all time favorite, my "go-to" monster, the one I've got dozens of books and movies on, I'm going to have to go with the vampire. I even took a class on vampires in grad school (and wrote a paper called "From Van Helsing to Buffy". It rocked, if I do say so myself) ;-) It was so much fun :D Vampires are seriously cool though. I mean they run the gambit from terrifying undead monsters to these handsome hotties:

Gotta love the versatility. Just sayin' ;-)

What is your favorite monster?

Be sure to head over to PK's blog to see what creature she most loves and stay tuned tomorrow to find out what's hiding in Tere's closet :D


Michelle H. said...

Ghosts definitely can give the shivers!

Tiffany Garner said...

The most complicated and interesting monster (for me anyway) is Frankenstein's monster. There are so many questions that arise when I think of him, and so many different opinions surrounding his existence.

As far as ghosts, I know what you mean about living in an old house and such. I've never lived in a house that was *that* old, but I've had some very strange experiences...

I think that the majority of ghost stories are made up, but I also think that the spirits of those who die are closer to this world than a lot of people think. Though in general, they're not as 'scary' or 'vengeful' as one might assume.

(Just an opinion here, not anyone important ;p)

Christine Fonseca said...

HAHA! Versatility! Good one!

Pk Hrezo said...

Oh yes! Gotta love the vampires! My fave will always be Dracula, but boy oh boy did I love the Lost Boys when I was a kid. Personally, I think Steph Meyer got a lot of her ideas from Lost Boys, plus she's my generation so I'm sure it influenced her as it always had me.
Wow, you live in a creepy place, but i love that. Sounds like there's a lot of history... and a 200 year old cemetery??? Awesome!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oooh yeah, vampires are definitely a good choice!

Matthew MacNish said...

Oh man, skinwalkers sound terrifying!

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I need to check out Bethany's book sometime!

Cole Gibsen said...

The vampire is a great choice. ;)