Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Games Begin In Just a Few Short Days!

All right ya'all....we've got 20 days until my book comes out....and we're going to have some fun until the big release :D

In the tabs at the top of my blog, you'll find one for Book Release Games. This page contains all the info you'll need on all the upcoming games leading up to the day of my book release and Blog Tour kick off. The links and specifics of each game will be listed and active the day they begin, but you can find general info about what's coming up now.

Once the Blog Tour gets underway, I'll list links to all the stops on the Tour as well as links to any giveaways that may be occurring. PLUS, I'll have info about how you can enter the huge Grand Prize Giveaway at the end of the Tour.

So...what is the first game, you wonder? Well, my book is a guide book on how to write essays and term papers...those pesky, hair-pulling, unfortunately necessary and required aspect of every single English class in the country. If you are going to school or know someone who is, an essay is in your future, plain and simple. My book is design to make those assignments a little easier, because let's face it, papers can be a pain to write, even for those of us who write for fun!

So we'll have a few games centered around essays and writing with some fun books and swag as prizes.

The first game/contest kicks off this Saturday Jan 1st so don't forget to check back here for details!

In the meantime, I could use a little help. My awesome stepkids got me a Borders gift card for Christmas (do they know their step mama or what!!) Any suggestions on books? I've got a few in mind, but am having a LOT of trouble narrowing them down LOL What was your favorite book this year?


Vicki Rocho said...

Ooooh! Fun fun!

Matthew Rush said...

I'm very much looking forward to this!

Angela Felsted said...

I wish I'd had your book about writing essays when I was in school. I could have used it.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Yay for upcoming book release! I love the idea of games. Confession: I liked writing essays in high school. I think I was lucky to have amazing teachers, though, and it's a skill that gets rusty without practice so I can't wait to get your book.

Favorite novel of the year: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, hands down. I can't wait for the sequel.

The Golden Eagle said...

Hooray for your upcoming book release! :) The games sound like fun--I'll be sure to come back!

SugarScribes said...

It would have been nice if I had a book like yours when I was in school, but I have a use for it now. I have two teenage daughters. One of my girls is hearing impaired (has a cochlea implant) and she makes good grades, but has a difficult time in English Lit. This book sounds like a perfect idea for both of them.I will check back daily and purchase as soon as it is available for sale