Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog Chain - Quirky Habits....I Got 'Em

Once again time for the blog chain! Our last chain was wrapped up very nicely by Heather, so head on that way if you missed any of the links. And the glorious link before me was the incredible Carolyn, so make sure you check her, check her blog out :D

This chain was started by the always adorable Mary. Her question:

What kind of quirky habits or rituals do you have regarding your writing?
(or regarding anything else, if that is more fun.)

Well....I have more quirky habits (or irritating, depending on whom you are asking) then you can shake a stick at. In an effort to not scare y'all to death, I will refrain from mentioning ALL of my habits and just pick a few of the more tame ones.

I was very happy to see that I am not the only with OCD tendencies (ahem, Miss Kate) or a messy desk (umm, ahem Kate and Carolyn! Mary's neat desk kind of scares me...). Makes me feel better about my strange little habits to see that others have them as well.

So! Quirky Habit Number One: I alphabetize everything.......and I mean EVERYTHING. My spice cabinet. My medicine cabinet. My books are organized by author last name and if I have more than one book by that author, the titles are alphabetized. Unless they are in a series, then they are in the order in which they were published.

And unfortunately (for me) I've had to loosen up a bit on the movies, DVDs and CDs - because with two small children, there is just no way to keep them in their correct order of genre, big case/little case, and title. *sigh* some day, they will be organized again :)

Quirky Habit Number Two: my sheets and blankets must be straightened before I go to sleep...or I can't sleep. If the bed doesn't look like this:

then we've got problems. I will forgo the throw pillows at bedtime...but that is about it. This is where quirky crosses over into irritating for Mr. McLean. You can imagine how much he enjoys being woken up in the wee hours of the morning when I finally crawl into bed so I can straighten the covers. However, after seven years of marriage, we have gotten to the point that I can just sort of roll him over a few times while I do what I need to do, and he doesn't even wake up.

I don't think I have many quirky writing habits. When I get stuck, a load of dishes or a nice long shower usually gets my brain going again. I do have a hard time writing if my house is dirty. The clutter makes it hard for me to think. So I try to straighten the house beforehand. This does not, however, apply to my actual desk. Go figure. Occasionally (and I mean very occasionally) my desk is spotless. It doesn't last long. Generally, this is the version of clean that I live with:

Annnnd, it mostly looks like this:

Although you can actually see some desk space there.....just imagine a big pile of papers there and we're good :) And I would like to thank those who have gone before me, because I never would have had the strength to show the world my desk had it not been for them :D

Our chain will continue with the incomparable Sandra - I can't wait to see what quirks lurk behind her cool exterior!


TerriRainer said...

LOL, I had to show my daughter that it was OKAY that my desk stayed cluttered! She said "it's NOT okay". But alas, she's OCD about EVERYTHING, much like you. Her clothes are color coded and seperated by hoodies, long sleeved, short sleeved, tanks, etc.

I, on the other hand, keep things cluttered, much like my brain is.

I'm glad you came out of the closet Clay, I mean Michelle, about your messy desk, and your oh-so-OCD habits!

:) Terri

Anonymous said...

Michelle, great post. It's funny how we all have little things that we just have to do in order to function properly.

Awesome desk pictures! :)

Abi said...

Now, I ask you...just HOW are you supposed to find the right spice if the bottles aren't alphabetized?!?

I am SO with you on that score, with everything (including my movies)! I gave my kids their own drawer when they were little...that way I didn't have to see their disorganized videos.


Sandra said...

Yes, I too have to have my books alphabetized, though I've also had to give up on the CDs since Alex keeps taking them out of the shelves.

So, I guess we have to show the world our desks, huh? I hope I can find mine....

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

It is too funny that you mentioned alphabetizing your books, because I was also going to include a pic of my bookshelf which is a mess of books stacked on top of other books with absolutely NO organizational process at all. And Abi, I don't alphabetize my spices either, but I usually find the right one after a bit of digging:)

Anyway, great post Michelle and the pics were great!

H. L. Dyer said...

I'm jealous that you all have "workspaces".

I have wherever-I-can-find-a-quiet-moment (and ideally where my husband can't find me.)

I enjoyed this post, but I don't think there are enough quirks. Encore!

Mary Lindsey said...

Oooooo. Michelle, I'm scairt! (And impressed) I'd need sedation if I had to alphabetize my spices or anything for that matter. Isn't it funny how different we all are? I was hesitant to pick such a shallow topic, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the posts. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie Harris said...

Funny how much we all have in common. I used to organize my books and movies by genre, and then again in alphabetical order. But my twins are at the pull-everthing-off-the-shelves-because-it's-so-much-fun stage, so I'm just happy these days if they're not strewn all around the floor!

Archetype said...

We do have a lot in common. I alphabetize, too. I used to be very, very tidy, but I got therapy for that. (Seriously.)

I loved the part about how you have to have your covers straightened, and how Mr. Elky doesn't even wake up anymore. LOL!

Oh...and I liked your title for this entry, too. It sounds a little like you'd been reading LOLcats before you came up with it, and you know how I love the LOLcats!

Anonymous said...

My books are catagorized by author last name...and subject...and genre...and... *sigh :)

celticqueen said...

Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one :D I'll have to get my husband to come read these comments. I start alphabetizing and his eyes start rolling!

Jessica V. said...

Hmmm, I think I'm starting to pick up that whole 'must have the covers straightened' thing too. Must be something in the air. :) LOVE your blog header by the way. SO GORGEOUS.